This week Hill House we celebrated the re-opening of the Great British pubs across the country playing traditional pub games like snooker and darts throughout the week as well as pub picture quizzes. Residents enjoyed a game of golf on the putting green and finished at the 19th hole with a drink or two, Friday afternoons pub disco brought the home together for an energetic fun afternoon of music and dance. All this the same week as HRH Prince Philip funeral we took time to mark the event and shared stories of the Royal family at the weekend.

Monday morning, with the glorious spring sunshine we spent lots of time outdoors exploring the gardens, playing games and enjoying each other’s company in the sunshine.

Others enjoyed a morning of reminiscing as they played vinyl records on a gramophone. The phonograph altered how people heard music. It was the beginnings of “on demand” listening: “The music you want, whenever you want it,” as one phonograph ad boasted. Music fans could listen to a song over and over, picking out its nuances.

“There is something classical about he sounds a Gramophone makes”


Monday afternoon, we took on a picture quiz linked with these weeks theme the Great British Pub, guessing the names of pubs from there signs. The quiz sparked a lot of conversation about pubs and social clubs we used to attend over the years.


Tuesday morning in our garden view lounge we spent time filling in and adding to our scrapbooks, followed by ball games and exercises before lunch, building up quite the appetite.

While a sing along pub playlist was played through our alexia, we took on a mini darts competition in the lounge.
Darts seems like a simple concept, but it actually requires a lot of practice to master this skill! Playing darts is especially beneficial to more senior players, as it helps to prevent deterioration of hand-eye coordination that naturally worsens with age, and is also good fun.

Garden view lounge completed this week’s brain training activity as they played white board word games after lunch. This was followed by a musical sing along with instruments, when playing musical instruments, both sides of the brain are used, and the volume of the grey matter increases. Playing musical instruments is simply a workout for the brain, which translates to better mental health and better memory.

A group game of ‘Double Dice’ is not only enjoyable but stretched our brain as it included maths and choices.

Our activities team ensure that along side all group activities our individual hobbies and interests are adhered to, they will source and set up personal activities for us to engage in independently or with help from other staff.

Wednesday morning, our cooking club made sensational fresh fruit skewers, peeling, cutting up fruits before skewering them and displaying them on the top of the pineapple, they were enjoyed by everyone. Activities like cooking club are all part of our planned activity of activities of daily living, encouraging activities that provide benits beyond the finished outcome; a sense of purpose, the feeling of being usfull, self achievement for a job well done and encourages friendships and conversation.

Everyone loved the fruit skewers.

Elsewhere in the home we played the classic pub game of snooker / pool on our miniature pool table. Others took time to engage in gardening activities and helped water and dead head some of the plants.

Wednesday afternoon all residents had a fantastic visit from Daniel and Matilda the ponies last week both outside and indoor room visits everyone who wished to, got quality one to one time with the ponies.

A therapy session with a horse is unique because it’s so experiential. There’s no shared language, everything between a horse and human is felt. And because horses are very intuitive, they seem to know what a person needs. This makes a horse an ideal therapy animal for anyone including those with a language barrier, emotional issue, physical disability or cognitive issue like dementia.

Thursday morning, Norma visited us for some one-to-one pet Therapy, she made her self at home and spent time with those who offered her cuddles and the occasional snack.

Others spent Thursday morning completing jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles are fun, entertaining, and one of the most challenging hobbies ever. The benefits of solving puzzles for the elderly are innumerable, including enhanced memory, better cognitive skills, improved concentration, and much more.

Mini golf was played in the lounge as we tried out the mini golf putting green, this was followed by a group game of giant snakes and ladders.

After such a busy morning, we spent the afternoon listening to classical music by Frédéric Chopin, as requested by us and engaged in this week’s flower arranging activity.

Friday morning started with a giant table top jigsaw puzzle, we worked as a group to complete the puzzle.

We played dominoes over a cup of tea and cake and others added to their scrapbooks.

And spent time in the sunshine watering the herb and vegetables we planted last week.

Disco fever filled Hill House Friday afternoon as residents and staff celebrated the re-opening of the pubs with their very own disco at ‘The Pub on the Hill’. The bar was fully stocked and pub memorabilia was all around, you wouldn’t be mistaken to think you really had just walked into your local village pub.

Our creative activities team dressed in tribute act fancy dress for this special occasion.
staff and residents all wore colourful wigs and leis embracing the party spirit. A disco light filled the room with colour and music played through speakers like a real disco. We were served drinks of our choice by the amazing bar staff, offering up spirits, wines, beers and larger as well as cocktails.

We enjoyed our freshly poured drinks from the bar as well us tucking into traditional bar snacks such as scampi fried and bacon rashes. Before spending the afternoon singing and dancing along to songs from the 1950’s 60’s and 80’s, we played trumpets and air guitars and waved our hands in the air shaking our pom poms to the beat.

Saturday was a day of remembrance and the whole of Hill House spent the day sharing stories of the royal family with one and other and reflecting on HRH Prince Philips life and service to our country. The Funeral service was played across the home and residents and staff sat in the different lounge across the home, it was sombre affair and everyone was moved by the grace and dignity of HRH the Queen.

Before and after the funeral service tea, coffee and cakes were served in fine bone china.

Sunday morning, we took time for reflection as we watched this week’s church service via video link.

Others spent time taking walks in the sunshine around the home.

After our Sunday lunch, we spent time chatting with friends and families via video calls, and reading our daily newspaper.