Hill House residents enjoyed an energetic week this week as they took on sports day themed games throughout the week.Other activities included baking hobnobs and getting creative with arts and crafts.

Monday morning, we played card games and enjoyed watching the baby bird video that was taken by staff in our garden here at Hill House, this sparked a lot of conversations about nature and the circle of life. Our social group met in the lounge and over a cup of tea or coffee we shared memories of sports day and attending our children and grandchildren’s sports days.

After lunch we took on our weekly giant cross word puzzle in the lounge

Tuesday morning, we took part in a game of skittles. Bowling / skittles is an anaerobic type of physical exercise, similar to walking with free weights. Bowling / skittles helps in burning calories and works muscle groups not usually exercised.


Others opted to complete jigsaw puzzles or take part in sports themed game of American football catch.

You’re never too old to play catch — and it could be good for you. The simple training exercise of catching a ball can improvebalance and help prevent falls in older adults.


That afternoon a game of Get to know we Jenga was played in the lounge, random jenga blocks have a question on and if you remove that block you have to answer the question or complete the task, questions ranged from have you played sports? To can you name 5 English counties.

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Our cooking club met in the garden view lounge to whisk up some sensational Hobnob biscuits.


Wednesday morning we had a wonderful visit from daisy dog who will do anything for a treat or two, pet therapy isimportant pets provide emotional stability during stressful situations, helping to reduce anxiety and depression.

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Brain training activities are popular at Hill House we love games that keep our minds healthy and hangman is a great group game that gives an opportunity of inclusion. Others took time to engage in independent activities like therapeutic colouring or jigsaw puzzles.


Wednesday afternoon we took part in an epic sport day in the lounge, the whole hoe joined together to complete obstacle challenges, start with an egg and spoon race, leading to fancy dress, bean bag toss and finishing with a race to the finish line to knock down 3 bowling pins before grabbing the flag to declare ourselves the winner.

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The game brought out everyone’s competitive spirit as residents took on fellow residents and staff got involved and raced each other.

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Everyone enjoyed taking part as well as watching and cheering others on.


Thursday morning after the excitement of the sports day the day before we spent the morning enjoying some R & R (restand recreation) with a trip to our in house hairdresser or a hand massage and manicure.


As part of our introduction into the home we meet with a variety of the staff who are always so welcoming, and our activities team have formed a creative way of getting to know us, they have created a board game that is designed in a way that we answer questions about ourselves and they answer questions too so we build of a friendship from the start, it is a fun way to meet each other and provides a lot of laughter.

Our forestry group meet in the lounge this afternoon to arrange the week’s stunning floral arrangements.

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Friday morning as part of activities of daily living and our regular cooking club we whisked up an oatie treat, hobnobs theywere perfect with our morning cup of tea.

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Cooking and baking are fully immersive experiences which engage all the senses. It’s a very tactile activity, which allowsthem to experience different textures and sensations


We love our themed rummage boxes and the fashion box has a mixture of fabrics and textures as well as vintage fashion magazines and newspaper cuttings.


That afternoon we enjoyed reading reminiscence books of the 1960’s and complete sensory shape puzzles.


Saturday our arts and crafts club met and painting stunning water colour greeting cards.

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Others prefer the art medium of colouring pencils or pens.


After lunch we enjoyed 150-piece jigsaw puzzles and shape puzzles in our garden view lounge.

Elsewhere card games were enjoyed with carer staff and new card games were learnt other played Dominoes or picture pairs.