This week Hill House residents have made the most of the gorgeous summer sunshine taking most activities outdoors, playing games, quizzes and getting stuck into the gardening. These activities coin sided with his weeks Disney themed activities where resident made Queen of heart jam tarts from the film Alice in wonderland, the designed chalk drawing spired by Bert from Mary Poppins.


Monday morning, we spent time outdoors taking walks around the grounds here at Hill house the sun shining off all the brightly coloured flowers filled us all with joy and smiles.

We played card games in the court yard gardens.

That afternoon we played dominoes and games in the sunshine followed by a game of Disney bingo.

Tuesday morning, we took on Disney themed brain training games across the home while listening to fabulous Disney songs played through our Alexa.

With the weather being this beautiful we took our activities outdoors and enjoyed our exercise class in a shaded area of the garden.


Wednesday morning our monthly residents meeting was held in the lounge with Director Alison, The meeting was well attended and focused on discussing our new summer menu, so our kitchen staff came along to be involved.


We helped celebrate a special lady’s birthday with a stunning afternoon tea with family in the garden.


After lunch we sat by our fish pond fed the fish and had tea in the garden, we sung songs inspired by the sunny weather, ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’.

Thursday morning, we started our morning with jigsaw puzzles and a game of name the bird quiz inspired by the many birds that appear in most of Walt Disney’s classic movies.



This week’s forestry group was small but we still loved arrange the weekly flowers, the fresh smell of cut flowers filled the home. For those who really love flowers ever since they were young, can really find tranquillity when doing flower arrangements. However, those of us who are new to flower arranging, we find the activity to be relaxing and therapeutic, because, flowers have this certain effect to a person psychologically and emotionally, which can help in improving one’s mood.

Inspired by the Queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland, we made Queen of hearts jam tarts in our cooking club.

From the film Mary Poppins we designed chalk drawings just like Bert did in the movie, this sensory activity is both creative and therapeutic.

Others were out watering plants in the garden.

Friday morning in our garden view lounges we played noughts and crosses, completed sensory shape puzzles and took on a 7-dwarf quiz, trying to name all 7 of them and creating names for ourselves inspired by the snow-white movie.

Others enjoyed a morning of connect four and cards games.

After lunch we took part in a brain training game of name the movie from its DVD cover. This sparked a Disney sing along session as we sung from song sheets the room was full of joy all afternoon.

Saturday morning was a chance for some fun games outdoor in the stunning sunshine, we played dominos, Ludo and uno before stopping for a twister ice lolly.

Being outside makes us happier, less stressed, more creative, and more socially connected. It can improve short-term memory and focus, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, fight against anxiety and depression, and boost our overall immune systems. With benefits likes these why wouldn’t we be outside as much as possible.

Adorning out stylish sun hats a few of us wanted to dined alfresco.


That afternoon, we were sop excited to welcome the Goat to Hill House, the goats are part of our extended pet therapy programme across the woodlands Hill brow homes. The companionship of a pet can be an invaluable tool bringing purpose and engagement for people of all ages, and especially for seniors. Spending time with a pet is a powerful way to combat loneliness and isolation, bringing comfort and companionship while reducing stress and promoting overall health and wellness.


Conversations about goats cheese and the upkeep of goats was very informative and we asked questions about them and loved learning and feeding them treats.

Others spent time playing memory games or looking at holiday homes in the country market magazines.



Sunday morning our weekly church service was live streamed through he Tv, the service provides a spiritual outlet for our residents, with the songs lyrics on the screen it is an inclusive service that engages many on a weekly basis.

Activities of daily living are an import part of life here at Hill House because of the exercise it takes to get the job done means we tend to feel emotionally and physically better after tackling house chores. Folding the blankets is one of the many way staff help us stay independent and promote activities of daily living.


We also played snacks and ladder read our daily papers and looked at all the plants in the garden during our exercise walks.


A stunning roast lamb lunch was severed that afternoon before we settled down for a relaxing afternoon at the movies, watching Fantastic MR Fox.

Our new potting table is bursting with life and colour in our Garden View court yard.

We spent the afternoon lovingly planting up the bright summer flowers and watering their herbs that they have been growing.