This week Hill House celebrated Father’s Day taking inspiration from a social group conversation about the Wallace and Gromit movies we themed our week around the movies. We hosted a very wet BBQ but it didn’t dampen our spirits, we crafted clay models to create our own animation mini movie and ended our week celebrating Father’s Day with Casino games and drinks cart.

Monday morning there was a great variety of activities on offer, we took part in a group crossword game in the garden followed by board games like kerplunk. Indoors we played a game of skittles added pictures to our scrapbooks and enjoyed reminiscing about past activities and events.

In our court yard garden we dined alfresco under the gazebo surrounded by stunning summer flowers and the sounds of birds in the trees.

That afternoon we took walks around the grounds at Hill House, engaged in Wallace & Gromit themed therapeutic colouring and painting activities and others opted to watch Scotland Vs Czech in the Euro 2020 football.


Tuesday morning as part of our brain training activities we completed a flower themed Quiz in the lounge followed by a game of balloon bounce.

After lunch and inspired by the ‘Wallace and Gromit’ movies, we tried our hand at clay film animation, making two of the movies iconic characters Gromit & Shaun the Sheep out of the flexible clay medium, before making other models to be placed in our readymade film set, we had lots of laughter trying to create dialogue for our very short film.


Wednesday morning was wrong trousers day here at Hill House staff were encouraged to wear the wrong trousers to work, it was for a littlw bit of fun and to brign a splash of colour to the days activities.

We took on the daily crossword in the daily apper as a group over a cup of coffee.

others tried out a new recipe as part of our Wallace & Gromit Father’s Day week theme- A savoury bread and butter pudding. Residents commented: ” It tasted so nice” ” I wasn’t sure at first but it was a cross between brioche and quiche’

Wednesday afternoon we took part in target themed games useing our interactive omi system, we throw floor darts onto the tarhet trying to gain the highest score.

The wallace and gromit wrong trousers movie was enjoyed in the lounge by others who tucked into ice cream and pick n mix as theior movie snack.

Thursday morings rain didn’t damen our spirits we spent the mornign singing and dancing to 1960’s music while hangign and decorating for our indooor BBQ.

Our BBQ continued on Thursday despite the rain, we invited our care partners to join us as guests of honour as a special thankyou for all there contunied support.

Our amazing chef team put on a sensation BBQ spread.


Later that afternoon we gathered for Wallace’s cheese and cracker tasting in the lounge, it was a wonderful afternoon tasting 4 different cheeses from around England, we learnt about the unique techniques used to craft each cheese and the heritage of the names, we shared storied of cheese we like and how we relate certain cheese to times or events in our lives.


Friday morning, we used our cleaning reminiscing box to inspire the mornings conversation, looking through old photographs, having objects to touch and feel sparked many memories.

Others took on a new 250-piece group jigsaw puzzle, with a summer sea side scene we spent the morning completed the boarder and making a start on the centre, it also sparked a lot of conversations about holidays and spending time with family at our favourite seaside locations from Margate Kent to Robin hoods bay Yorkshire.

A royal documentary about Prince William was aired on Tv that same morning and we love watching programmes about the royal family, we arranged these weeks stunning floral arrangements in our garden view lounge just before lunch to create a stunning centre piece for the dinning table in time for lunch.

Friday afternoon we celebrated a lovely lady’s birthday and enjoyed a mini tea party afterwards with a slice of the stunning birthday cake and a cup of tea.


Saturday we a mixture of great activities Tin can alley always draws a crowd, other opted for arts and crafts designing and colouring in Father’s Day cards.



Others enjoyed Math puzzles and ball games and exercises to music through out the afternoon.

Sunday marked a very special day Father’s Day, While the ladies of the home took part in the mornings church service and engaged in jigsaw puzzles and one to one activity the men of Hill house joined together to celebrate Father’s Day in style.

With a Father’s Day cart visiting those in tehre rooms it was stocked with a selection of drinks from Beer, juices to whisky and irish coffees along with chocolates and freshly abked pastries.

With a drink in hand and a full tummy’s, the gentleman engaged in a game of poker, placing bets and enjoying the roulette wheel.