I think it is fair to say that this week was filled with emotion and sporting milestones as we celebrated 3 fantastic achievements here at Hill House. With it being Final’s week at Wimbledon residents spent the week taking part in tennis related activities, we hosted a famous tennis player quiz, enjoyed the semi finals while drinking Pimm’s. But this week also saw England’s football team make it to the finals of the Euro 2020 championship, residents have loved all the amazing sport they have been able to watch. The week of celebrations ended with Hill houses very own milestone celebration as we celebrated 10 years of outstanding care with a marvellous Barbeque party to remember.

Monday morning a group of us met in the lounge to take on a new group jigsaw puzzle, this week we picked ‘the farm in spring’. Others spent their morning engaged in brain training activities like themed crosswords and word searches.

After lunch we gathered to take part in a Wimbledon themed quiz afternoon, we started with a game of guess the famous tennis player before being read out a fun fact about each player, we shared our own stories of these player were we where when they won their iconic games or if we saw them play live.

This was followed by a brain training game of naming as many famous tennis players we could.

Tuesday morning started with morning chair-based exercises to music, a chance to sing, exercise and enjoy ourselves.
It is always great to see care partners joining in on the fun.

Our scrapbooks are filling up fast as we add weekly to our books of memories and activities we engage in during activities.

That afternoon we spent time engaged in one-to-one activities with our key workers, others took walks around the garden or opted to watch Wimbledon Women’s quarter final tennis on TV.

Wednesday morning, we took on our target board for an energetic morning of ball sport games inspired by this week’s Wimbledon theme.
Psychological wellbeing is crucial to our resident’s happiness and help promote Stronger muscles, joints and bones also help to increase mobility and independence.

Our garden view lounges spent the morning engrossed in brain training activities

Others opted for a game of the mixed doubles balloon tennis; staff played their part as our ball boys/ girls for the morning. The room was full of laughter and soon a crowed grew to watch.

Followed by a game of UNO over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

After lunch we start to turn our attention to this weekend upcoming celebrations, no not the Wimbledon finals or even England’s football final at Wimberly but instead the 10-year Anniversary of the opening of Hill House.
We wanted to make decorations and a sign that screened party so using bright coloured paints we set out painting large letters to hang on a sign at the party.

A competitive game of floor bowls was taking place in our garden view lounge we 4 teams aiming to build up their score by winning each game.

Exercise, including bowling, lowers your risk of stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, increases bone density, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and helps your body utilize oxygen better.

That evening we watched and cheered on England play football. There was lots of conversation about 1966 and were we watched that icon win, we shared stories of our own footballing past.

Doll therapy offers meaning and purpose for someone who is living with dementia. There is a familiarity with being a caregiver for the doll that can be comforting and purposeful. Instead of being a receiver of assistance and care, a doll offers the opportunity for meaningful interaction that is directed by the person living with dementia.

Thursday morning, we engaged in a wide range of activities, we playing a group game of dominoes while enjoying a cup of tea and chats with friends.

Others spent time crafting with scratch board arts or Aqua board painting and sensory shape puzzles.

Thursday afternoon we worked together across the home to display this week’s florist delivery. The group is not just about flower arranging it is a chance for us to get together engage in meaningful conversations with fellow creatives.

The floral sent spark memories and initiate conversations of happy memories.

Friday morning we hosted our monthly residents meetings, These meetings empower our residents to voice their concerns, exercise their rights, and play a part in the decision-making process within their own home. Our meetings are always hosted by the director of the home who serves hot drinks as well as wine and sherry. Guest speakers from different departments are also invited to chat with residents during the meetings.

Followed by a lively group singalong, songs that won the war play list is a popular singalong session we love to sing the classics; white cliffs of dover, we’ll meet again and hang out the washing.

We dinned alfresco in the garden view court yard enjoying fish an chips in the sun.

Friday afternoon while most of us watched the tennis while enjoying a glass of Pimm’s a few of us took walks in the garden tending to our growing pots and watering the flowers.

Saturday morning we were delighted to welcome back Hudson for a morning of pet therapy, we played fetch and he loved all the attentions we gave him.
Pet therapy has also been shown to improve patient satisfaction, energy levels, self-esteem, and mood, as well as decrease depression. Additional benefits include increased motor skills and movement, improved social skills and verbal communication, decreased boredom, and a more positive outlook.

Saturday afternoon we finished off the banner we painted earlier in the week cutting out he letters before attaching the to a large banner ready for tomorrows BBQ party.

We also made table centre pieces using flags tinsel and a union jack paper cup.

Sunday afternoon Team Hill house pulled it out the bag as they hosted a sensational 10 year anniversary BBQ for all of us and the care partners and staff. We enjoyed live music from the talented Natasha and tucked into a BBQ buffet fit for royalty and were mesmerised by the stunning decorations including our banner and the balloon arch and decorations court everyone’s eye.

It was amazing to be able to welcome our care partners into the home to enjoy this momentous occasion.

After the BBQ it was time to head inside to watch the men’s Wimbledon final followed by England playing at Wemberly in