This week Hill House Residents have loved spending time outdoors with ‘Green Walks’ around the gardens, looking after the potted plants and finishing the week with an impressive Pool party.

Monday morning, we took part in a variety of activities, we spent time playing domines with friends. Others used our sensory shape puzzles or took long walks around the garden.


Monday afternoon we reminisced and looked back through pictures of the BBQ on Sunday, sharing our memories with one another before creating a photo collage board to hang on the wall. It was so nice to hear how everyone enjoyed the BBQ, food and entertainment.

Tuesday morning arts and crafts club made chocolate inspired decorations using a variety of crafting materials. Creative expression also influences the autonomic nervous system, stabilizes heart rate and hormone levels and stimulates the release of endorphins.

What better way to spend the afternoon than a game of floor bowls with friends!

With the sun shining we made the most of the opportunity to relax outdoors, taking time to care for our ever-growing garden by watering the pot plants and herbs.


On Wednesday we embraced our chocolate theme this week, as we took on a very chocolaty quiz.  We started with a ‘Name the Chocolate Bar’ picture quiz; trying to match the packaging to the bars themselves.  This led to many conversations about chocolate bars how they have changed their names over the years.  This was followed by a white board game where we tried to name as many chocolate bars as we could.  We scored an impressive 38!


Garden view lounge amuse themselves with a mini darts tournament, as the played against each other.

Additionally, we played a variety of table games with friends and staff over a cup of tea and good conversation.

On Monday afternoon we were delighted when a care partner came to play the piano for us.

It was so nice listening to live music from the comfort of an arm chairs and we are looking forward to having her back, as she is so talented.  Research has found that music can promote relaxation, improve productivity and lower stress. For seniors, pleasing melodies can deliver even more benefits for physical and mental health, memory and important social connections.

We love Thursdays at Hill House as the fresh scent of flowers from our local florist fills the air.

Thursday is a day we always look forward to seeing our hairdresser Teresa, for a day of pampering and relaxation.

On request from one of our ladies who loves to bake, we amended our chocolate tart cooking club to feature the humble jam tart instead. Cooking and baking are fully immersive experiences which engage all the senses. It’s a very tactile activity, which allows people to experience lots of different textures and sensations.

We spent the afternoon on garden view, rock and roll dancing and singing along to our favourite rock and roll songs. Others spent time looking through and adding to their scrapbooks.

Games that involve exercises are a great and fun way to work out without even realising you are. Balloon bounce is still a firm favourite here at Hill House and on Friday morning we made the most of it with a giant yellow balloon.

Walks around the wonderful grounds, called ‘Green’ walks, help reduce stress levels and increase our self-esteem, allowing for activity and sociability as well as contact with nature.

Friday afternoon, our green walks took us up to the fish pond at Hill Brow where we spent the afternoon indulging in Mr Whippy ice-creams, singing summer songs and chatting with friends.



Saturday, we played assortment of board games across the home and out in the glorious summer sunshine.  Connect Four and Ludo was played in Garden View and there were a game or two of dominoes on the go too.

With a generous donation of flowers this week, we were able to make some extra bouquets and arrangements, which we displayed in our bedrooms.  With bright yellows, pinks and reds it was a sea of colour and fresh scents.

We also spent some time doing “one to one” where we were able to help with minor aches and pains.  Following NHS guidance, a personalised exercise programme was created for an individual and it was nice to hear that the stretches had helped a alleviate that particular ache.

Being chocolate week, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to over-indulge in a scrumptious chocolate tasting afternoon!  The lighter chocolates and Turkish delights were tasty and a favourite with most, a few were brave and tried the chilli chocolate and were pleasantly surprised how good the blend of chilli and chocolate tasted.


This Sundays live streamed religious service celebrated God our Shepherd. From the Wirksworth Team Ministry, Rev Carla Vicêncio Prior lead worship for the Seventh Sunday after Trinity, included prayers, music and reflection.

For those who are non religious or chose not to take part, there was a mixture of activities on offer.  We spent time reading hobby magazines or reading the daily paper over a cup of coffee. While others opted to spend time outdoors in the sunshine.


With a prediction of the hottest day of the year so far, our outstanding activities team hosted a Hill House pool party Sunday afternoon, with a pool side bar serving cocktails, cold drinks and ice creams.

We had a marvellous afternoon sat with our feet in the pool, summer themed songs played as we chatted with friends and family without a care in the world.

We made the most of the afternoon playing beach ball water games and splashing about. What a great week!