With the 2020 Olympic in full swing over in Tokyo Hill House residents took inspiration from the athletes as they took on Olympic themed activities throughout he week, crafting traditional Olympic crowns as part of arts and craft activities, brain training activities features crossword and word searches and the grand Olympic finally was held on Friday with our very own mini Olympic games it was magical to see the home come together and take part and cheer each other on in the games.

Monday morning with reminiscing of family photographs in our garden view lounge, or a small book club joined together to read a poetry book.

Others opted for a morning of games and brain training activities.
Great Britain’s Gold medal tally continues to grow, so does the gold medal wall at Hill House. We have loved making medals for each of the gold medal winners after watching the events on the TV.

That afternoon we completed jigsaw puzzles and .played balloon games.

Elsewhere an exciting game of floor bowls was enjoyed by many after a yummy lunch.

Inspired by this week’s theme, Tuesday morning started with a picture Quiz of famous Olympians, we tried to guess their names and sport from the pictures and then were read Olympic facts about them.

This was followed by an Olympic game Quiz we completed as a group.

Picture card games were played on garden view, with others opting for a morning filled with music and singalongs.

Using the iPads we have loved being introduced to digital games and activities and Tuesday morning we completed digital Jigsaw puzzles.

Tuesday afternoon spending time with specialised one to one activity we engaged in activities pleasing to us, from therapeutic colouring, card games and memory match games, there something for everyone to enjoy with help or indecently if we chose.

The Olympic games is something we have invested time in over the years and this year is not disappointing as we are on track for our most decorated Olympics as we have never had this many medals so early on, and we are loving being able to watch the game highlights.

Wednesday morning we woke up to more GB gold medals so we continue to cut and stick faces to our gold medals to be displayed.

A morning of relaxation and manicures for garden view and little R&R is good for everyone, with calming music and dimmed lights we are transported to a sense of calm.

Inspired by the Olympics history our arts and crafts club met and crafted stunning Olive wreaths (crowns). The crowns were given to the winners of Olympic games in ancient Greece and are associated with Hercules in Greek mythology. They were originally made from a branch of the olive trees growing in Olympia (the place in Greece where the Olympics were held).

Afternoon a game of Olympic sport bingo was enjoyed by a group in the lounge while others spent time reading hobby magazines and chatting with friends while playing whiteboard games.

Thursday morning garden view lounge engaged in a music and movement class playing instruments and incorporating chair dancing.

Olympic exercise games continued as we played an adapted version of Discus as we took our turns to throw the discus onto the floor target to try and get the highest score.

Discus was followed by shot put using similar techniques we build up a score before adding our scores from the two events together and crowning our winners.

As the fresh smell of flowers filled the home our two floristry groups met that afternoon over hot drinks to arrange this week floral arrangements.

“One of the main reasons I love floristry group is that flowers can capture a feeling in a special way.”

Followed by a group crossword, and more teas and cakes, a perfect way to finish the afternoon.

Friday morning, we joined friends in the lounge to play Board games, starting with get to know me snakes and ladders were if you land on the ? you are asked a question at random, it could be to name your favourite colour or could be to sing your favourite song, it is great for conversation and to help welcome new players to the game.

Spending time on artistic pursuits can enhance mental wellbeing and relaxation, whilst helping them keep a level of independence and creativity inclusive of everyone. With images designed to trigger memories conversations and memories come flooding back by the artist and others sat around them.

The Hill House Olympics was held on Friday afternoon, hosted by our amazing activity team we took on a variety of events; shot hoops during basketball target, lined up shots with shooting and using strength took on an adapted version of tug-war.

Basketball target was a popular game with everyone getting involved trying to get the highest score. Our Gold medal winner wearing his medal with pride!

Our Olympic shoot out contest had everyone as we took aim and fired 3 Darts onto the target laughing (a few rough darts may have missed target and got our adjudicators) .

Our shooting silver medallist so proud of her silver medal.

Our adapted tug a-war was some light hearted fun at the end of the Olympic completion afternoon. Fighting only against a weighed bottle we tugged away racing against our competitor to see who could pull in the weigh the quickest.

Saturday we continued to watch the Olympic across the home, others played games of dominoes and took on jigsaw puzzles.


Sunday morning our virtual church services were streamed across the home, our coffee and newspaper social was held in the lounge allowing us time to catch up on the daily news, or completed shape puzzles and brain training activities.