Another amazing barbeque was held here at Hill House this week and the chefs provided us with a delicious spread of food and drinks. There was live singing from the talented Jonti duo with residents, staff and visiting family all singing and dancing together.

Throughout the rest of the week, we have been enjoying a variety of seaside themed activities. Reminiscing about our holidays, exercising with beach balls, sorting shells in the sensory beach sand trays and making pinwheels in the arts and crafts group.

We started the week with our monthly residents meeting. Alison updated us with all the news from the home and we were able to put forward our ideas and give feedback and suggestions.

Monday afternoon we had a skittles match, lots of fun, concentrating hard while also good exercise with all the bending to roll the ball.

Others enjoyed a quieter afternoon doing the summertime themed word searches or spending time out in the garden with family and friends.

In the garden view lounges we had an afternoon of a variety of different games including a firm favourite, picture pairs, taking it in turns to turn the cards and find two matching pictures. Memory games such as this can improve our attention, concentration, and focus.

We got creative on Tuesday morning at our arts and crafts group making a childhood favourite, seaside pin wheels. Using paints, pencils or stickers we made our own unique designs then carefully followed the instructions to cut, fold and create beautiful and colourful pinwheels.

Bringing back memories of being at the seaside

Wrapping up warm to spend time in the garden in the fresh air with family.

In the garden view lounge, we were also getting creative with seaside themed pictures to colour as well as having a go at the cog puzzle. Fitting the cogs together provided a sense of achievement when the handle was turned and all the cogs moved.

On your marks, get set, go. Pig racing took on a twist with the pigs all wearing donkey ears on Tuesday afternoon. Did you know donkey rides along the beach have been a tradition since Victorian times and donkey derby races take place at many summer fairs.

Checking our betting ticket and cheering on the “donkeys”

Smiles all round from those who won

Those preferring a quieter afternoon reminisced with a box of picture cards from around the world, talking about places once travelled to. Others sat with the sensory doll. Doll therapy can bring back happy memories of early parenthood and having something to hold and hug provides a sense of comfort and purpose.

It was a busy Wednesday morning getting ready for the afternoon’s BBQ. Starting with the sensory beach sand trays we enjoyed the feel of the sand between our fingers and exploring the different shells before then using the sand, shells and pinwheels made earlier in the week to make table centre decorations.

Alison’s dogs Poppy came for a visit and enjoyed the attention from everyone, as much as we enjoyed giving it.

The weather held in the afternoon for another one of our summer barbeques. Our talented chefs cooked up a delicious barbeque, with a choice of burgers, sausages or fish as well as all the trimmings. Drinks were served with many enjoying a glass of Pimm’s and lemonade or glass of chilled wine with their food. Live music was enjoyed from the talented Jonti Duo as staff and residents danced and sang along together.

The smell of the barbeque made us all hungry

The talented Jonti Duo singing

Dancing to the music

Art therapy session on Thursday morning. Art therapy can reduce the feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress in seniors. Studies show that seniors who participated in creative arts experienced lower levels of depression and loneliness.

Thursday morning in the garden view lounges we did a jigsaw together as well as help fold the laundry ready to go away. These activities of daily living make us feel at home and useful and valued doing the day-to-day tasks to help out.

Thursday afternoon the main lounge was filled with the smell and beauty of so many colourful flowers and it was all hands-on deck to arrange them into vases ready to be displayed around the home.

Once the flowers were all arranged it was time to help clean up

Thursday afternoon in Garden View we enjoyed the challenge of a game of dominoes together and sorted through some holiday pictures reminiscing and swapping stories with each other of past holiday adventures.

Exercise to start our Friday. Balloon bounce is an ideal activity for those with dementia as it helps improve hand-eye coordination and provides good seated stretching exercise. It is low impact and safe, as well as being great fun.

Friday morning saw some of us continuing to fill our memory scrap book with new photos.

Thank you to one of our very talented residents who played the piano for us in the main lounge in the afternoon. Everyone enjoyed an impromptu sing-a-long

After it was time to get our grey matter going with a giant group crossword

Summer quiz time in the morning as well as arranging flowers sent to us by loved ones.

Newspapers are delivered daily and keep us up to date with what’s happening in the world

A quiet game of picture pairs in the afternoon and a group social talking about the different pictures on the cards. Images provide a good starting point for discussions

Even it the weather is not hot we still like to get out in the garden to get some fresh air and enjoy the flowers.

Beach balls are not only for the beach they are also light weight and great for kicking around inside. Sunday morning seated exercise for our legs this time.

After stretching our legs, it was time for a game of ring toss

Learning to play a tune with one of the carers

Sunday Afternoon with a movie and the Sunday papers

The beach sand trays where a great sensory experience on garden view. Sorting through the shells and coral and trying to see if we could hear the sea in the big shell.

As well as the sand trays we had a go at trying to get the pinwheels to go round. There was a lot of puffing but it wasn’t as easy as we remembered.