Residents of Hill house have explored the culture of Brazil, with fantastic themed activities, from cooking club, dancing and brain training exercises.
This week also saw us sing along to the last night of the proms while we watched it on TV, we waved our union jack flags with pride.

Monday morning, we enjoyed a morning of reminiscing as we added more memories to our scrapbooks.

Other completed Brazilian themed brain training games and colouring sheets.

Following lunch, it was the perfect opportunity to get outside and have a Brazilian song inspired sing along.

Tuesday morning our arts and crafters met in the lounge to craft and colour in Brazilian masks.
Did you know – The Brazilian Carnival first occurred in the 17th or 18th century in Rio de Janeiro, but masks weren’t observed until the 19th century. Lower-class parading revellers, called Cordões, wore these masks in contrast to the more organized and lavish parades held by the aristocratic and working-class people.

Tuesday afternoon Dorina played a stunning piano format for us and we all gathered in the lounge to listen while sipping on tea and eating cakes.

Wednesday morning, our papers keep us up to date with what’s going on around the world.

Followed by scrapbook in our garden view lounge and opportunity to add memories and relive them as we chat about the photos.

Staying mentally engaged with scrapbooking or other stimulating activities is crucial for boosting our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Elsewhere Brazilian racket ball was being playing, as part of a themed exercise class. By theming exercises we get to experience games from different cultures, and we all know we are never too old to learn a new hobby.
(Frescobol a Brazilian paddle sport. Standing approximately 15 feet apart, you tap the red frescobol ball to your partner.)

That afternoon we used our interactivities Omi machine to play sensory games on the floor, our favourite on the day was the bubble popping the noises it made would make us giggle.

With the carnival feeling still flowing across the home and while the music played, we could help but get up and dance.

Joining in the garden for a group brain training activity with crosswords and ‘can you name 5’ game we spent the afternoon testing our knowledge and exercising the mind with friends.

Thursday mornings flower arranging club met in the lounge to craft stunning floral arranges, this week we had an array of autumnal colours deep reds, burnt oranges and yellows.

Others tested their knowledge in the garden view lounge with brain training activities.

That afternoon we sorted the dominoes sets out before playing with friends in the garden view lounge.

Cooking club met in the afternoon and we worked our way through a Brazilian recipe of Bonbon cupcakes, a rich chocolate recipe with condensed milk and cocoa.

Cooking and baking are fully immersive experiences which engage all the senses. It’s a very tactile activity, which allows them to experience different textures and sensations.

Reaping the rewards of our labour with freshly baked cupcakes with an afternoon cup of tea. The cupcakes were so soft and moist we went back for seconds.

Friday morning pet therapy was in full swing as we welcomed the newest member of Alison’s family into Hill House for the day, her 11 week old Ridgeback was the star of the show and had everyone wrapped around his little finger in no time at all.

Mans best friend was the reason for smiles on everyone’s faces all morning.

With Wallace still running around our Brazilian chair dancing took place with brightly coloured pompom in hand we waved and shimmed the morning away.

Friday afternoon was the perfect chance to brush up on our floor darts skills with a competitive game in the lounge.

All the fun and games got too much for Wallace and during the tea break he crashed out and napped on the floor Darts green, much to everyone’s amusement.

Saturday morning picture pair games were played together in the garden view lounge others read their daily papers or took walks outside in the sunshine with family.

Saturday’s movie afternoon, we gathered to watch the weekend movie together while enjoying sweets and crisps.

Those who wanted too completed jigsaw puzzles or took long walks around the garden and sat out in the sunshine.

Sunday morning, we took on a who wants to be a millionaire group quiz. Working our way down the board to win the money or in our case to win prizes.

Others opted for games on the magic Omi table before spending time with family.

The previous night ‘last night at the proms’ had been on tv so after our Sunday lunch we sat waving our union jack flags with pride and singing along. It was a sensational afternoon the home was filled with song and happiness. It was infectious!