This week at Hill house we celebrated going back to school, with playground games like marbles and a school Assembly style singalong. With a handful of retired teachers living at Hill House, this week was inspired and chosen by them. Those teachers were delighted to share their school day and teaching day memories along with items that were once used in classroom.

Monday morning, we started our back-to-school week with a traditional game of marbles, we joked on how different we all used to play but came to an agreement and enjoyed the game as a group.

We enjoyed a morning of relaxation and mindfulness with sensory music and hand massages.

Followed by school day reminiscing, with many retired teachers living with us it was amazing to hear them share their teaching stories, there were plenty funny stories too.

Following on from Marbles we started to paint the giant letters needed for later in the week, it is always so nice to see our handcrafted decoration on display at our events.

That afternoon we joined for a musical singing along in the lounge, class singalongs were a big part of the school assembly. This activity not only fun but sparked a lot of memories and conversation was shared regarding songs we would sing at school.

Our upcoming final summer BBQ theme of The Circus linked in well with this week’s arts & crafts and we decorated and painted school themed ties that could double up as clown ties for later in the week.

Being engaged in hands-on creative activities can improve motor skills, strengthen social connections, reduce stress, and alleviate anxiety. It can also be good for the brain.

Elsewhere a game of skittles was played as part of floor game actvities in the home, skittles is a great way to bring the lounge together and take part in a communal activities, create friendships and meet up with friends.

Tuesday morning crafting club met in the lounge and started work on their school ties, painting and sticking shapes and creating fun festive inspired ties.

Marbles were played one to one on garden view playing against staff and learning new rules and ways to play together.

After lunch we joined together for this month’s Giant crossword game. The giant crossword is great at exercising our mind and brain. We surprise ourselves sometimes with the answers we know.

Wednesday morning our monthly residents meeting with Alison was held in the lounge, we joined together to discusses the hot topics and listen to the news and forthcoming changes. These meetings are a relaxed affair and we sip on wine or tea while indulging in freshly baked cakes and treats.

Dressed to impress we were transported to the circus for our final BBQ of the year and this event was hosted jointly with our neighbours Hill Brow.

With stunning decoration hang around the garden we sat down to enjoy the sensational BBQ food, Burgers, sausage, fish all served with salads and coleslaws.

Everyone joined in the party spirit as we finished eating, the Jonti Duo arrived for an hours entertainment in the beautiful sunshine.

It was so much fun seeing everyone get up and dance or singalong to the music. “A fantastic afternoon and we are so grateful for everyone who always put so much effort into these events” – Anne

Thursday morning walks around the garden and up to feed the fish was so relaxing, hearing the sound of the water in the pond and the birds in the trees.

Omi interactive games are a great way we use technology as part of our varied activity programme, with so many games to choose from there is something for everyone to enjoy.
We also spent time completing back to school word-searches and puzzle games.

Thursday afternoon a group joined together in garden view and took part in relaxing therapeutic colouring activities, choosing images to colour or draw while listening and singing along to Frank Sinatra.

Our Thursday floristry groups met to arrange this weeks stunning floral arrangements, with friends.

Birthdays were celebrated across the home with two special residents celebrating their big days.

Friday morning, we spent the morning taking part in school day reminiscing, looking at old photos, school supplies and chatting about what our school days entailed before having a go at writing on a chalk board, the smell of the chalk and the noise of the chalk as it writes brought back a mixture of memories from school.

After lunch we took activities outdoors with time walking around the garden and sitting out on the grass watching the birds fly overhead.

Alternatively we watched an artist show on TV and read through letters and post from friends and family.


More birthday celebrations with family in the garden. It fantastic we get to be a part of these special celebrations and host tea parties and events for birthdays.

Saturday morning started with seated exercise and a morning of newspapers and reading hobby books.

That afternoon we enjoyed the playground game of hop scotch, we sewed the bean bags in our Crafts Club to throw onto numbers before playing the hopscotch or nominating a staff member to hop on out behalf, missing the square we had landed the bean bag on.

Sunday morning, we had the choice of activities including the weekly religious service streamed through the Tv with wording of hymns on the screen for us to follow with moments for reflection and pray. Some chose to complete puzzles or read their daily newspaper during this time.

Our reading this week was read by Lynn before the start of the streamed service.

That afternoon we engaged in a mixture of person-centred activities from fidget aprons to therapeutic colouring.
By putting the individual at the centre of their care and activities we enable them to choose how and what activities they would like to take part in.

Others watched the weekend movie.