This week it was all things musical here at Hill House. We welcomed back one of our favourite singers Terry Owen to entertain us with a sing-along of all the classics on Wednesday afternoon. On Friday we had some of our very own talented staff perform for us and show us some of their traditional dances from Nepal. This was followed by an afternoon of Abba music with staff and residents all joining together on the dance floor, dressing up and enjoying a drink or two. There was a game of musical bingo, musical themed arts and crafts and during cooking club residents made musical note shaped cookies. Some residents had a go at playing the Glockenspiel and bells during an afternoon of music and movement.

The week started with some gentle exercise in the form a game of boules

Monday afternoon the cooking club got together to make sweet sugar cookies.

After working hard to weigh, mix, roll and cut the cookie mixture it was time to clear up and get the kettle on while we waited for them to cook and then enjoy them with a cup of tea.


Over in the garden view lounges we had a go at solving a traditional wooden shape puzzle. Sorting and matching up the colourful pieces is simulating and rewarding when they line up perfectly.


Tuesday morning, we all got creative with all lounges enjoying a relaxed morning of therapeutic colouring.


Tuesday afternoon we played a game of the ever-popular bingo, but this time with a musical twist as a we listened to clips of well-known songs, crossing them off our bingo boards when we worked out what they were.

Others spent the afternoon looking through our personal photo scrap books remembering all the wonderful times we have had at Hill House.

Arts and Crafts on Wednesday morning as we made cards ready to give to our loved ones.


In the garden view lounge, we started the day with a game of dominoes.

The lounge was then filled with the sound of music (sort of) as we had a go at playing the Glockenspiel and learning a few simple tunes.


Wednesday afternoon we all got together for a sing- along as we welcomed back one of our favourite singers Terry Owen. Lots of cheering, singing and clapping along to the music. Research suggests that listening to or singing songs can provide emotional and behavioural benefits for people with dementia. Music can help the person to express feelings and connect with past memories.

Tereasa the hairdresser made her weekly visit on Thursday and many of us enjoyed our weekly pamper and a chat with her as she worked her magic making us look and feel beautiful.

Others spent the morning getting the grey matter going with the challenge of a music themed word search

Or having a go at past interests such as knitting, jigsaws and reading.

Thursday Afternoon it was all hands-on deck as we arranged the many beautiful flowers ready to brighten up the home with.


Once the flowers were arranged there was time for a quick game of snakes and ladders in the main lounge,

While over on garden view, we enjoyed a music and movement session with Lynn

Friday morning in the main lounge we played floor trivia, tossing beanbags onto coloured circles to pick a topic, then trying to answer a question to score points. It was a challenging game with both throwing skills and good general knowledge needed to win.

On Garden view we spent some time one to one with staff have a nice chat as well as doing wordsearches and puzzles together


There was lots of fun and laughter on Friday afternoon as we all came together for our Abba themed party, Staff and residents got up and danced together.

We dressed up, shook pompoms and all sang our hearts out. Enjoying a drink or two with snacks.

Some of our talented Nepalese staff also treated us to a performance of their traditional dances and we loved their beautiful traditional dresses

After such a busy Friday we all enjoyed a quiet relaxing Saturday with lots of one-to-one time, choosing and taking part in our favourite activities such as dominoes and arts and crafts. In the afternoon we had our weekend movie.


Others spent time relaxing with the sensory cats and dogs. A sensory pets looks very realistic and provide great sensory stimulation They are also great for easing agitation and anxiety in people who have dementia. The sensory pets mimic the sounds of real animals, with the dog gently barking and the cat purring, which can have a soothing effect. They can help spark memories in people with dementia who used to own pets when they were younger.


Sunday started with the Sunday papers and a game of dominoes

In the afternoon we solved a giant crossword together. With our combined knowledge we had soon solved one and had a go at a second before the watching a Broadway show on the television

Over on garden view we had a go on the home’s laptop, practicing typing and reminiscing about using typewriters and talking about how much things have changed over the years