A week of war time reminiscing at Hill House as we held 2 minutes silences for those we have lost during conflict. Resident’s made stunning poppies using a mixture of art mediums, including tissue paper. We played a lot of interactive games and got energetic with musical singalongs. On Sunday our war veterans were invited to a special remembrance service at Brookwood Cemetery, while others stayed home and watched the service on the big screen. 

Monday morning started with a trip down memory lane with War time reminiscing. Looking at pictures and items from our war time rummage box, ration books, gas masks and old posters. These items brought back memories of being evacuated during the war or staying home and hiding under the school desk when the sirens sounded. 

In our garden view lounge, we played a mixture of picture pair games and brain training word searches. Memory games for seniors with dementia have been shown to help exercise the minds, which can boost brain health over time. This was followed by a musical singalong music is proven to be good for the heart and soul and we love to sing in our garden view lounge. 

Monday afternoon our arts and crafts group met in the lounge to paint and draw stunning poppies for our Remembrance Day table. 

Painting classes enable seniors to make new friends and use their social skills in a very relaxed, no pressure atmosphere. Painting forces people to use both sides of their brain simultaneously. This helps creativity and increases cognitive function. 

Others spent the afternoon completing brain training activities or taking walks around the garden. A flower pick from our garden at hill house led to a search for its name we took on the challenge of trying to identify it using our flower encyclopaedia and using the iPad to try and guess its name as a small group. 

Tuesday morning, we gathered for our monthly residents meeting with our director, sipping on hot drinks and eating yummy cakes as we listened to exciting changes that are upcoming, as well as the events and activities, as we shared our comments with the group. These meetings are part of our commitment to person-centred care. Plus, having regular meetings that include activities, give us a better idea of what the residents like and do not like. 

At the end of the meeting two of our staff were awarded with sunflower awards for going above and beyond their job and were nominated by staff or residents for their hard work. And we were delighted to give out another longevity badge for 5 years of loyalty to Hill House. 

Tuesday afternoon a special post war game was enjoyed by many in the lounge as we tested out the Scalextric car game. With a little bit of team work to get the game started we build the track and raced around. 

Alternatively, others played Qwirkle and spent time chatting and drinking tea together. 

Wednesday morning was a busy affair in the lounge with crafting activity making tissue paper poppies and a game of floor darts, drew a fun crowd. Group games can improve memory and help with age-related ailments. 

Others played board games and made sensory cog puzzle mazes. The lounge was a buzz of excitement. Card and board games can improve memory and help with age-related ailments such as dementia. 

Wednesday afternoon game of snakes and ladders enjoyed in the lounge other completed a jigsaw puzzle and took walks round the garden outdoors. 

Thursday, we marked the 2 minute silence across the home wearing our poppies with pride. 

After we spent time arranging this week’s floral arrangements in the lounge. In our garden view lounge, we used the Magic Omi to listen to ‘The Last Post play’ as we moved poppies across the floor revealing the sounds. This was followed by a musical sing along and dancing. 

There are so many fun things we use the Omi system for, from math quizzes, dancing and sensory game it was a fabulous morning coming together to play and engage in sensory activities. 

Our Remembrance Day continued with a war time singalong with Louis on piano after lunch. We spent the afternoon singing along to songs we know and love the home was filled with the sound of music. 

Friday morning started with a group game in our garden view lounge, floor darts is a great social game and sparks little competitiveness but always in good spirits. 

Others opted to pursue independent activities and one to ones with carers, card games and therapeutic colouring. 

In another lounge we took on a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle together, or engaged in therapeutic colouring and made cog mazes, a very busy morning for us all. 

Friday afternoon the fun continued with music to movement in our garden view lounge. 

We played a target game on our interactive Omi floor game building up a score as we went before moving on to play a game of giant snakes and ladders. 

Saturday, we enjoyed a pet therapy visit from Hudson the French bulldog. Pet therapy has also been shown to improve patient satisfaction, energy levels, self-esteem and mood, as well as decrease depression. 

We then enjoyed the Remembrance weekend tradition of the Lord Mayors Show on the TV watching the giant floats go through the streets of London with different themes and events. 

Sunday morning, we watched the Remembrance service on TV across the home. We wore our poppies with pride and at 11am, people across the UK observed a two-minute silence to mark Armistice Day. Each year, the two-minute silence marks the end of the four-year conflict in 1918 where an agreement between Germany and the Allies was made “on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month”. 

That afternoon we gathered to complete this week’s giant crossword puzzle in the lounge.


We also took part in a Remembrance Day tea party in our garden view lounge, with one of our favourite playlists playing ‘Songs that won the war’ after tea and cake we enjoyed a war time singalong. 

Our war veterans were invited to a special remembrance service at Brookwood Cemetery for their military service on Sunday it was an honour and a privilege to attend.