Hill House spent the week immersed in the Rock n Roll of the 1950s with an original American diner experience, ice-cream milkshakes and a Rock n Roll party that would knock your socks off. All in addition to the fabulous daily activities we offer across our home.

We took part in balloon bounce and movement to music exercise class in our garden view lounge on Monday morning.


Elsewhere we spent the morning playing skittles in the lounge, and enjoying our pet therapy visits.

Stroking a pet can actually help lower blood pressure, playing with a pet like a dog or cat releases feel-good chemicals in your brain such as dopamine and oxytocin, which are known to trigger pleasure and happiness.

In true 50s style that afternoon a Musical interactive milkshake cart rolled through the home, with our activities team dressed the part in circle skirts. 50s rock n roll music played as they visited every lounge and rooms that afternoon.


With music from Elvis, Ray Charles and Etta James we couldn’t help but dance the afternoon away. We sipped on thick American diner shakes topped with cream and marshmallow.


After the success of the Orient Express experience, we were delighted to be invited to an American diner experience.
A small group of us were transported back to the 1950’s. Our diner experience took place in a private dining area, offering an afternoon of authentic American diner treats; freshly made hot waffles, thick ice cream milkshakes and soda’s. The ladies shared their stories of living during the 1950’s and how music played such a big part during the boom.

Tuesday morning in the lounge we played sound animal bingo. It is a great game as we first have to identify the animal sound before marking it off on our board.

Others spent the morning, completing group jigsaw puzzles and reading their morning papers.

That afternoon we took part in a group quiz based around the 1950’s. The quiz was played electronically on the TV screen, with questions on the screen it allows us to enjoy sound clips and picture round as part of the game. It is very engaging and we really enjoy this new format.

The quiz was followed by a short documentary on life in Britain during the 1950’s, this sparked many conversations about the end of ration books, singers we had forgotten were icons of the era and living life at that time. The quiz was followed by jigsaw puzzles and tea and cakes.

Wednesday morning started with a game of mini golf as we tested our putting skills on our indoor green. Research has found new evidence to suggest golf can provide significant health benefits to older participants in the form of improved muscle strength and balance.


Wednesday afternoon we welcomed Gayle into he home for a Rock n Roll 50s party. We spent the afternoon dancing and singing along.

Listening to the music from the era brought back so many fond memories.

Thursday morning over a cup of coffee a small group of us played board games and spent time one to one with our key workers.

Others enjoyed group flower arranging, the fresh scent of flowers filled the home.

Our Omi magic table games provided a sensory activities for a lady who loves music and nature.

Others projected the Omi games onto the floor and spent the morning playing splat games and listening to the musical activities.

We also spent the morning playing skittles in our garden view lounge, its was great morning with lots of laughter that helped enticed new players.


That afternoon our brain training game on the white board was can you name 5, we went round the circle taking it in turns. This was followed by a game of floor bowls.


Our Garden View lounges celebrated Thanks Giving in style. Cooking club activities saw us making American Waffles before adding traditional toppings of tour choosing; cream, marshmallow, syrup and sauces.

Friday morning, we started with a Christmas themed pottery painting class as we spent the morning painting Christmas trees, snowman, teddy bears and holly leaf plates.

A great game of shove ha penny was played in the lounge area as we played against each other to build up our highest score.

Friday afternoon our garden view lounge saw a host of fun activities being enjoyed. We played dominoes in small groups or took on an independent game using the Qwirkle tiles.

Others used the Omi interactive to play bean bag games on the floor.

Card and board games can improve memory and help with age-related ailments such as dementia. Stimulating the brain via numbers, letters, colours etc. enhances brain function.

In the lounge we made the 50s classic pastry cake of Bakewell tarts. Rolling out sheets of pastry before carefully lining our tins, others mixed and stirred the wet ingredients together.


 Saturday morning, we took part in sensory shape puzzles, memory games and spent time with visiting families.

Others took time to relax and enjoy therapeutic colouring. Engaging in therapeutic colouring activities reduces stress can help to keep blood pressure and heart rate at healthy levels, so colouring may actually contribute to better health. Stress relief is also important for seniors who are suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Sunday, we watched our catholic church service in the lounge while sipping on tea and coffee. We sung hymn together followed by a lovely Sunday lunch.

The afternoon we played famous faces picture game a great game as we try to recall the person photographed before sharing stories about that person with one another.