This week saw our residents fully immersed in the Christmas spirit, as they attended our BIG Christmas fair on Friday. Throughout the week they part took in multiple festive activities with carolling, festive goat visits and even birthday Tea parties with friends. Residents have embraced the Christmas spirit and are often heard humming Christmas songs. It really has been a magical week for everyone.

Monday morning and with so many exciting events happening throughout last week, we were sure to spend the morning adding our memories to our scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking, or creating a memory book, is a great way of allowing our residents to express themself, preserve memories and enjoy crafting. Maintaining our scrapbooks can also reduce stress because it allows us to share stories from activities in a creative way.

That afternoon we welcomed back Dorina who played piano as we sung along to Christmas carols. After we reminisced about our favourite Christmas carols and agreed even some of the newer carols aren’t that bad.

Tuesday morning, we took part in a game of floor bowls in the lounge. A great way to start the day as it encourages us to get active and moving even if sat down.

Therapeutic colouring allows us to relax and engage in a simple but relaxing activity that isn’t about the final outcome but the feeling of enjoyment throughout.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great activity for older adults to do on their own or with others. They help our residents exercise their fingers and minds, have fun and feel a sense of accomplishment. The images provoke reminiscing once complete whether it’s a landscape of Scotland, a Christmas market scene or motor cars.

Tuesday afternoon we were delighted to welcome the local Christmas Bell Ringers who came to play for us all.

Wednesday morning, we played the double dice game in the lounge throwing our large dice before adding them up and marking them off our board trying to be the first to complete the board to win a prize.

We have loved opening up cards from loved ones at this special time of year. We look forward to our morning postal visit, spending time reading cards and sharing stories about those friends and family members.

That afternoon we took a very kind delivery of 8 giant confetti filled balloons that had been donated by the local balloon shop. We displayed them round the home and looked on as we just couldn’t believe you can get balloons that big.

When one popped, we laughed and laughed as the confetti pieces got stuck to the celling, the floor and in our hair. It brought such joy and laughter to the home having these stunning balloons with tassels out on display.

Over a nice hot cup of tea or coffee we gathered in the lounge to complete this week’s giant crossword puzzle game. We know our brains are made up of lots of connections, which we need to regularly use in activities like crossword puzzles so we don’t lose them.

Thursday morning, we played sensory shape games in our garden view lounge followed by morning exercises and balloon games.

We welcomed 2 of Alison’s fabulous goats in for a morning of pet therapy. They showed off their dance moves for treats and their festive tinsel.

The entertaining nature of goats is one of the qualities that makes them excellent therapy animals. Their playful nature brings people out of their shell, lift their spirits and can even lower blood pressure.

Thursday afternoon our floristry club met in the lounge to display this week’s floral arrangements. The fresh smell of freshly cut flowers brings a floral aroma to the home and heightens our senses.

That same afternoon we celebrated a very special ladies 80th Birthday, with a tea party surround by friends.

With everyone singing happy birthday before cutting the cake and sipping on tea in stunning china cups, we listened to Elvis and chatted the whole afternoon.

Friday morning, we made progress on our 250-piece jigsaw puzzle in the lounge, while listening to music through our Alexia. Others opted for a quieter morning of daily newspapers.

We were delighted to see ourselves appear in the local Farnham herald.

Our garden view lounge spent Friday morning exercising to music, as they took part in chair-based exercise class. This was followed by the fantastic balloon bounce game which still proves to be one of our most popular exercise warm downs.

That afternoon we held a festive extravaganza at Hill House! We have watched on as all the preparations were done throughout the week and were SOOO excited to see all the activities hard work. We were not disappointed as we came back from lunch the lounge had been transformed into a Christmas fair with stalls, games and snack tables, it was a sea of Christmas cheer.

Ready and waiting for his first customer of the day, to play our Christmas pudding tombola.

Feed the snowman ball game, trying to get our snowball through the snowman’s mouth.

Christmas present Lucky Dip.

With support from our care partners and staff hosted a variety of different stalls. We played feed the snowman games, tried our lucky at the tombola and even a photo booth where we got dressed in festive hats and accessories before posing for pictures.

Lucky cracker game as we try to and find the winning tickets and win a special prizes, the great thing about crackers is you win a small prize ever time and get to hear the cheesy cracker jokes, we grow to love every Christmas.

Residents had a blast as they spent their Christmas cash tokens going round and trying out all the fun, stopping only to enjoy a glass of warm Mulled wine and mince pie with friends or at the photo booth.

Knock down Nutcracker game, our spin on the traditional tincan alley game.

Saturday, we spent the day complete jigsaw puzzles, playing board games and welcomed Daisy in for a pet therapy afternoon.

Others watched movies and spent time with family as we lead up to Christmas day.

Sunday morning, we spent time relaxing as we attending religious service of our choosing and listened to a personal reading from Lynn.

That afternoon we sung Christmas carols around the Christmas tree.

Singing is considered beneficial as it helps articulation, rhythm and breathing. Singing also benefits seniors with dementia when they are in group settings. Other studies have shown that singing in the elderly improves their breathing, posture, voices and life expectancy.