As we got ready to welcome in 2022 and leave 2021 behind us, we went out in style at Hill House as we crafted stunning New Year’s Eve party hats. Completed brain training quizzes and games, spent an afternoon at a pantomime event within the home and danced and sung at our New Year’s eve Party.

Monday morning was filled with games and jigsaw puzzles

Afternoon we expressed our creative side as we started making new years eve decorations and hats, others spent time engaged in therapeutic colouring.

Tuesday morning our brain training activities saw us occupied in a variety of activity sheets from our busy boards. We completed themed word searches, word ladder games and sudoku puzzles. Others opted for fuzzy felt reminiscing activities.

That afternoon we made giant 2022 numbers in our arts and crafts activity. Using a variety of art mediums to decorate them, from paint, chalk and tissue paper. Garden view lounge played a variety of board games including dominoes and picture pairs.

We spent time reminiscing over Christmas while admiring our large tree in the lounge.

Wednesday morning was time for some TLC as we enjoyed manicures and hand massages.

With new year right around the corner, we continued to decorate and make stunning New Year’s Eve party hat. We used card, paper, tinsel, glitter paint and pens.

Others spent the morning engrossed in a 2021 themed virtual quiz streamed through the Tv, as we answered multiple choice questions. Brain games can be interesting and engaging for any adult and provide a wealth of benefits for seniors, including improvement in memory, management of daily living skills and mental health.

That afternoon we started a 250 piece winter themed jigsaw puzzle with help from one of our carer partner.

A group of gentlemen spent the afternoon together drinking tea and playing games from Grand Prix to cards.

Thursday morning, we started with a group exercise class in the lounge, this was followed by 1 to 1 activity, we enjoyed, some chose shape puzzles, cog mazes and others spent time reading their daily newspapers.

After lunch we arranged this week’s floral displays as well as our own personal flower delivery in to vases.

After bonfire night New Year’s Eve is the second most popular time for fire work sales in the UK. Our firework sensory game on our interactive Omi table proved popular on New Year’s Eve as it was enjoyed across our 3 lounges on Friday morning.

Our garden view lounge finished off a few more party hats for the afternoons celebrations and enjoyed a sing along to music from the 1960’s while doing so.

Others took times to engage in 1 to 1 activity and have a game of domines.

New Year’s Eve at Hill House had a double celebration as we also celebrated a very special man’s birthday. He spent the afternoon dancing to his favourite Rock n Roll songs before being wished happy birthday by fellow residents and staff!!

Our New Years Eve celebration were in full swing as we welcomed singer Gareth in to entertain us with rock and roll songs and other music from the 50’s and 60’s.

We spent the afternoon singing and dancing while wearing our hand-crafted party hats.

We ended our party holding hands and singing Auld Lang Syne.

Saturday morning the first day of 2022 everyone was feeling nostalgic, the conversation bout New Year resolutions were had and we laughed just how many of us normally break them within the first week but at least we try.

The New Year’s Day concert was played on the TV, we watched and listened to The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra perform their traditional New Year’s Day concert.

We thought we would make the most of the 14-degree weather and took a walk round the garden and up to the fish pond to feed the fish.

Others helped make party cones ready for the afternoons themed activities.

Oh yes, we did!!!!! We brought the fun of the Pantomime on Saturday afternoon; we were treated to a showing of Cinderella staring many famous faces in the cast. Themed refreshments were served at the interval, it was such fun hearing everyone join along and get into the Pantomime spirit.

Our Sunday morning church services were streamed on TV in the home from the local Church of England church and mass was shown from a catholic church in Canada.

Alternatively, our activities team were on hand to engage us in stimulating activities, from jigsaw puzzles to Math braining training games.

Afternoon exercise ended with a fun game of football, using a beach ball we passed the ball around the room to one and other, shouting a word linked with winter as we passed it.

We took part in a group floor bowls competition on Sunday afternoon.
Exercise, including bowls, lowers your risk of stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, increases bone density, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and helps your body utilize oxygen better.

Happy New Year!!
From all of us at Hill house