As we embrace January, we continue to fill the home with engaging and stimulating activities. This week’s theme was going to the races. Residents took party in a millinery crafting activity, designed their own jockey jumpers and played a horse racing game. Other activities residents enjoyed throughout the week were exercises, floor trivia and skittles.

Monday morning, we spent time chatting with friends before joining a fun armchair aerobics class.

That afternoon we enjoyed a group game of skittles where we practiced our aims, each skittle had a number on it and we aimed for the number skittles that added up to the number we were given in the line-up.

Others spent the afternoon indulged in reminiscing of horse races events, as we made stunning rosettes as part of our arts and crafts club.

Tuesday morning our garden view lounge spent the morning reading the daily newspapers, reading stories aloud or independently and spent time discussing some of the light-hearted stories together over a cup of tea.

Floor bowls was the main activities being played that morning. Others spent time playing board games and completing sensory puzzles.

Tuesday afternoon Alison presented Hill House Staff with January’s Sunflower Awards nominated by residents, families and colleagues. Daisy (Receptionist), El Ryan (Chef) and Catarina (Carer) were nominated for going above and beyond (plus an extra mile) in their roles. Well done Hill House keep up the great work!

After the excitement of the awards, we took part in ball games to music. We also spent the afternoon singing along to songs from the 50’s and 60’s.

As we geared up to the upcoming horse racing events, Wednesday’s crafters took part in a millinery class, making stunning race hats.

Engaging in hands-on creative activities positively impacts motor, social and cognitive skills. Crafting can also help to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety seniors may be feeling

Others took part in creating a themed display table for the lounge. This was themed around horses and going to the races.

In our garden view lounge, they played braining training games and added photo memories to their scrapbooks.

That afternoon we enjoyed sharing our “Wise Words of Wisdom” with one and other. We spent the afternoon reminiscing, being philosophical. It was full of laughter as we held plenty of discussions… Such an enjoyable afternoon for all.

Thursday morning, we arranged this weeks’ stunning floral arranges in vases and couldn’t help but notice there were flowers we didn’t know the names of. We discussed our thoughts on the names before researching them and learning their names and a bit more about each of them. It was a fabulous social event and the morning flew by.

Our Lovely Lynn rekindled one of her previous passions, hairdressing. Two of her volunteers really enjoyed the pamper and now their gorgeous new hair styles.

There was no KIDDING around as we spent the afternoon with our goats on Thursday. An afternoon of pet therapy and relaxation was just what we needed.

We find the goats very entertaining and love feeding them and seeing them around the home.

Friday morning, we played floor trivia in the lounge, working in teams to be the first to answer each category correctly. It’s a great game that combines exercise and brain training quizzes.

Our garden view ladies spent the morning designing their very own jockey jumpers, adding bright colours and fabulous shapes as part of our therapeutic colouring activity.

Others opted for a morning of jigsaw puzzles and word games.

Wearing our fabulous hand-crafted hats, we spent the afternoon playing a horse racing game, rolling two dice one indicated the horse that was going to move and the second how many spaces to move we raced across the board.

The afternoon was finished off with a mini afternoon tea trolly and birthday celebrations.

We spent our Saturday watching the rugby on tv.

Other spent the day dancing, singing and engaged in exercises to music.

Our Sunday morning was spent taking on this week’s giant crossword puzzles.

Crosswords are a great tool for seniors to use to improve their visual recognition, as well as enhance their short-term memory skills. The more crossword puzzles you solve, the more your memory recall will be used.

We watched the weekly church services in the lounge, followed by a reading and the daily newspapers.

Others spent time playing parachute games and listening to rock n roll music.