Monday morning, we enjoyed a fabulous morning of floor bowls in the day lounge. Playing bowls helps moderately improve our muscle strength (arm, shoulder, leg muscles), flexibility and endurance.

We added more memories to our scrapbooks in Garden view lounge. We love to look through all the fabulous activities we have been up to and chat about things it reminds us of.

Our very clever staff have so many talents they love to share with us, and we really love a singalong with Daniel as he plays our favourite songs on the guitar.

That afternoon in true 1970’s fashion our cooking club gathered to make the 70s classic Quiche.

In our garden view lounge we coloured, painted, and collaged groovy bright flowers for our 1970’s therapeutic colouring. We listened to 70’s music through YouTube and shared stories of our children growing up at the time.

Tuesday morning, our embroidery club made bookmarks and cushion keyrings, while sitting together chatting.

This personally rich experience brings joy and comfort. Built-in sensors respond to motion and touch. Realistic, soft fur looks and feels like a real cat. We love the cat-like movements and sounds.

Arts and crafts club met in the day lounge inspired by the iconic 1970’s patterns and colours. White was used everywhere in the 70’s in furniture as well as for backgrounds to offset brighter colours. Strong uses of black and white were often accented with a bright colour by use of pillows, accent chairs and other fixtures. We made greeting cards and placemats in the icon brown, orange, yellow and reds.

We started our afternoon time travelling as we took a trip back to the 1970s for a themed party with Jimmy our disco inspired entertainer. Flares, headbands, glittery trousers and other colourful clothing were all seen strutting the dance floor, it was a wonderful afternoon of singing and dancing.

Birthday celebrations for a very special lady.

Wednesday morning, we enjoyed a 1970’s name that tune music quiz, we sung along to the music and found it funny that we knew a lot of the words but couldn’t remember the song names. Followed by other brain training games.

We have loved our cuddles with Tinkerbell the miniature Cockapoo this week.

Wednesday afternoon our monthly residents meeting was held in the day lounge, drinks were served. Alison hosted the meeting and we had lots to chat about and we are looking forward to the upcoming events.

We were delighted to celebrate some of our fabulous staff as we watched them win Sunflower awards for going above and beyond.

Thursday morning our flower arranging club created stunning floral arrangements, with the stunning brightly coloured sunflowers. Gerberas, sunflowers and roses filled the home with brightly coloured floral scents.

Our mouth-watering chocolate fondue cart wheeled around the home all afternoon offering chocolatey goodness to celebrate world chocolate day.

Friday morning, we spent time in the sunshine reading our daily newspapers.

A lovely morning spent playing floor darts in our garden view lounge, we love the social element of the game as well as playing for fun with friends.

Others enjoyed a 1970s game of Bingo with so many icon images from the decade it sparked many conversations.

That afternoon we played Floor Trivial Pursuit. This game mixes both physical exercise and brain training together and never fails to draw in a crow of players.

Saturday morning, we enjoyed a 500 piece, jigsaw puzzle in our garden view lounge.

Others opted for Aqua arts and 1970s inspired pattern crafts as part of our arts & Crafts club.

That afternoon our 1970s inspired cart rolled around the home visiting the lounge watching an afternoon movie to offer interval drinks and snacks. The cart then visited residents in other areas of the home offering tasty treats and fun light entertainment of 70s inspired dances.

Sunday morning, our weekly streamed church services were held in the lounge, we enjoy Sunday morning relaxing reading our morning papers over coffee and chatting with friends.

After lunch we couldn’t wait to join the 1st summer pool party of the year. Some of us had spoken about sitting by the pool and things we enjoyed doing when the sun shines in the morning so we requested an afternoon in the sun with a cocktail in our hands.

Our amazing activities team never let us we couldn’t believe it when we saw the fun games and cool water, we could enjoy dipping our feet into.

Others spent time in the garden engaged in a songs that won the war themed singalong with our very talented carer.