Our amazing Hill House residents have been immersing themselves in the realm of fruit trees throughout the week, discovering a whole new world of flavours, colours, and scents. Throughout the week, residents were treated to an array of engaging activities centred around trees. From thought-provoking quizzes to exciting outings in the local community, there was never a dull moment. Additionally, the home was filled with creativity as residents indulged in delightful craft activities. It truly was a week filled with joy and exploration, celebrating the beauty of nature.

Monday kicked off with a fruit tree-themed quiz, where we eagerly tackled questions about trees and their leaves. The excitement continued with a delightful group social, where we bonded over discussions about trees, holidays, and gardening.

Surrounded by loved ones, this amazing gentleman celebrated his birthday in style throughout the day.

On Tuesday morning, we met in the day lounge for our weekly arts and crafts social. We decided to paint autumn leaves that we had collected from the garden in between rain showers. To make stunning window decors, we used a mixture of paint and PVA glue and eagerly waited for them to dry before peeling them back.

Our garden view offered a range of captivating activities, such as a giant jigsaw puzzle.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Dementia Choir gathered at Hill Brow for a delightful session of singing and camaraderie. It was heartwarming to witness the four homes uniting and joyfully celebrating their shared passion for music.

Our afternoon was filled with an extraordinary tap show by the incredibly talented ‘Tap Around Town’. As she took the stage, she effortlessly brought the room to life, leaving us in awe. The songs played during the performance evoked such joyful memories that we couldn’t resist tapping our feet and giggling along.

We embarked on a whimsical adventure with the enchanting Magical Mystery Bus Tour!

Today, the daring residents of Hill House set off into the picturesque Surrey countryside. As the weather took a delightfully crisp turn and autumn’s vibrant colours painted the landscape, we couldn’t resist the urge to explore while staying snug inside our autumn-themed bus.

Our first stop was the idyllic village of Tilford, a haven of tranquillity nestled amidst nature’s embraces. Here, we indulged in steaming hot beverages that warmed us, accompanied by delicious cakes that melted in our mouths. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the tantalizing taste of homemade treats made this pit stop truly unforgettable.

But the fun didn’t stop there! As we continued our journey, we engaged in a game of “guess the tree” with leaves collected from the surrounding area. Each leaf held a secret, and we eagerly tried to unravel the mysteries of nature. Laughter filled the air as we sang along to tunes, making the bus feel like a cozy haven on wheels.

On a crisp morning, our gardening club gathered in the warm and inviting garden view lounge. With care and precision, we expertly pruned the house plants, ensuring they received the nourishing water they needed to thrive.

Amidst the lively activities across the home this morning, our crafting club drew inspiration from the weekly theme and utilized apples to craft stunning repetitive pattern collages.

Floor Trivia Pursuit is an incredibly enjoyable and interactive game that not only challenges our mental abilities but also incorporates physical activity. By collaborating in teams, we can utilize both our cognitive skills and upper body strength to conquer the trivia board.

Step into Wednesday afternoon and be transported to a tropical paradise! We had a blast at our ‘palm tree themed beach party’, where we enjoyed the sensation of sand between our toes, sipping on refreshing cocktails, and watching a beach ball bounce around.

While the weather may be wet and dull outside, inside the atmosphere is electric with the sounds of lively music filling the room. We’ve even taken the liberty of naming countless seaside-themed songs, adding an extra touch of seaside magic to the festivities.

Music therapy is a form of therapy that uses music to help us improve our physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being. Engaging in weekly music therapy sessions can be a powerful way to inspire creativity from within. During these sessions, we can explore emotions, express ourselves through music, and develop new skills and techniques.

Our indoor garden was transformed on Thursday morning, radiating vibrant colours and invigorating scents. The gardening club’s efforts from the previous day had breathed new life into the space, prompting us to spend the morning rearranging the plants to ensure they basked in the warm embrace of the autumn sunshine.

Step into our indoor garden and feel the warmth and coziness that it exudes. The residents have put in a lot of effort to create this stunning area in their home, and it invites you into its welcoming ambiance. Come and experience the beauty of nature in the comfort of our indoor garden.

In the day lounge, our weekly flower-arranging club with Louise embraces the outdoor theme. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of exquisite flowers from the local florist, spending the morning with friends creating breathtaking bouquets.

We thoroughly enjoyed immersing ourselves in the multitude of exciting activities available on our Omi interactive system. From interactive splat games to captivating sensory landscapes, this experience was engaging and stimulating.

We also immersed ourselves in therapeutic watercolour painting, capturing the beauty of our surroundings through breathtaking pictures.

In our garden view lounge, we spent the afternoon engaging in various brain training activities. From word searches to the daily crossword puzzle, we challenged ourselves to improve our cognitive abilities.

After an exciting cooking club session, we enthusiastically prepared a delicious fruit salad inspired by apples. During this interactive experience, we not only learned about the numerous apple varieties but also honed our carving and cutting skills.

In the day lounge, we delighted in a leisurely game of dominoes during the late afternoon.

Inspired by this week’s theme, we spent a delightful Wednesday morning immersed in the art of painting Autumn trees, using the traditional colours that beautifully capture the essence of the season.

In our garden view lounge, we immersed ourselves in a sip and paint session, accompanied by apple cider and delightful company. The morning swiftly passed by, filled with creativity and enjoyment.

On Friday afternoons, our day lounge transforms into a vibrant cooking club where we gather with excitement to create mouthwatering delights..

This week, our culinary enthusiasts put their heart and soul into preparing Apple Turnovers, showcasing their dedication and passion for cooking.

To conclude our afternoon, we were delighted to have a visit from Tinkerbell, our beloved Pet Therapy dog.

On Saturday mornings, these gentlemen eagerly engage in a mental challenge by starting their day with a game of Scrabble.

On Sunday, we had the pleasure of listening to one of our residents play the keyboard in our garden view lounge. As she played, we couldn’t help but sing and dance along with her. It was a truly delightful experience that brought us all together.

Some individuals chose to engage in therapeutic drawing as a means of expression and healing.

We spent a delightful afternoon engaging in the delightful challenge of completing crossword puzzles and autumn jigsaw puzzles.