Residents of Hill House have had a week full of spooky and magical festivities as they celebrated Halloween with great enthusiasm. From handmade decorations to pumpkin painting, the creativity of the residents was on full display. Additionally, an intergenerational ballet class hosted by Little Farnham Ballet added to the Autumnal charm of the week.

We began our week with a fantastic selection of chair-based exercises on Monday morning, ranging from ping pong to balloon bounce.

Get ready for a spooktacular start to Halloween week as we dive into a thrilling game of Halloween picture pairs and matching pairs in our enchanting garden view lounges.

Our afternoon teas are the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day. With a variety of beverages to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

Our garden view lounges host weekly cooking clubs that we absolutely love. This week, we got creative and decorated some delicious Halloween themed cupcakes.

Others relaxed while enjoying a sensory massage.

On Tuesday morning, we kicked off our day with a fun game called Roll a Frankenstein, which is a unique twist on the classic Beetle game.

Our Tuesday was made even more special with a delightful surprise – a generous donation of beautiful flowers from our local Sainsbury. We took the time to unwind, immersing ourselves in the soothing melodies of classical music, while skilfully arranging the flowers into stunning centrepieces.

Our beloved PAT dog, Tinkerbell, filled our Tuesday afternoon with immense joy as she paid us a delightful visit. Her presence in our home is truly cherished, bringing us immeasurable happiness.

Wednesday morning kicked off with an exhilarating game called Witches Hat Hoopla in the Lounge. This game tested our accuracy skills and brought out our competitive nature.

Our Music Therapy morning on Wednesday was incredibly engaging. We actively participated by playing along, singing along, and even getting up on our feet. The session was truly enjoyable, and it reminded us of the numerous benefits that music brings to individuals living with Dementia.

We kicked off our Wednesday afternoon with a creative twist by crafting unique Halloween decorations to spruce up our lounges.

With the shopping list in hand, our Wednesday adventure led us to TESCO for a significant Pumpkin haul. It was a delightful experience to be engaged in the local community, and participating in tasks like these truly showcases the exceptional dedication of our outstanding activities team. They consistently go the extra mile to create a personalized activity program that caters to each individual’s needs and preferences.

On Thursday, Louise led a unique flower-arranging session where we embraced a whimsical theme. We donned our finest witches’ hats and let our creativity flow as we crafted beautiful floral arrangements together.

With Halloween just a stone’s throw away, our garden view lounges have been transformed into a vibrant canvas of personalized pumpkins. These pumpkins boast fun faces, self-portraits, and adorable animal designs, adding a touch of whimsy to the festive atmosphere.

We thoroughly enjoyed playing the witches hat hoopla in our other lounges.


NURSING SIDE pumpkin painting,

The afternoon was a delightful blend of fun-filled games, stimulating brain training exercises, and indulging in activities that brought us joy.

On Friday, the entire household eagerly embraced the Pumpkin Put Put challenge, armed with a colossal pumpkin and a massive digital target.

Our goal was simple: to achieve the highest score and claim the title of the ultimate champion.

On Friday, Halloween festivities were in full swing and we decided to get creative in our garden view lounge. We spent the day making foam pumpkin decorations and scratch art masks, resulting in some hilarious and spooky funny faces.

We love hearing our fellow residents play the keyboard for us.

This week’s cooking club was filled with Halloween spirit as we excitedly decorated pumpkin and Frankenstein biscuits. The lounge was filled with the delightful aroma of icing and sweets, creating a truly festive atmosphere.

Our intergenerational ballet class returned to Hill House on Saturday, where we warmly embraced the presence of The Little Farnham Ballet school. The morning was filled with enchanting twirls and graceful pliés, as the incredible ballet teachers guided the way. Not only did we witness the beauty of the dance, but we also eagerly joined in from the comfort of their armchairs.

It was a truly mesmerizing experience that left everyone involved in awe. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to the Little Farnham Ballet school, their exceptional teachers, and the incredibly talented ballet dancers for gracing Hill House with your presence today.

With incredible family support, we are thrilled to host Dementia Friendly church services every Sunday in garden view. Caroline’s assistance, along with the dedication and love of our community, allows us to create a warm and inclusive environment where individuals with dementia can fully participate in the spiritual experience.

These services are designed to cater to the unique needs of those living with dementia, providing a safe and understanding space for them to engage in worship. Caroline, our compassionate and skilled caregiver, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and supported throughout the service.

As we gather together, we sing hymns that hold deep meaning and evoke cherished memories. The familiar melodies and lyrics transport us to a place of solace and connection, bridging the gap between past and present.