This week at Hill House was an absolute blast! It kicked off with an amazing Halloween Party where children arrived in their fantastic costumes, and it was a spooktacular event that brought joy to everyone. Throughout the week, we had a range of fun-themed activities that were enjoyed by all. Additionally, our annual firework display was a spectacular show that brought friends and family together, filling our home with vibrant colours and pure happiness.

Monday morning buzzed with anticipation for the much-awaited Halloween party later that evening. We collaborated enthusiastically, putting the finishing touches on the party decorations and meticulously assembling the delightful treat boxes for the little ones.

In our garden view lounge, we had a delightful morning filled with Halloween-themed party games. We had a blast playing the witched hat hoop toss and pumpkin bean bag toss, which not only brought us joy but also encouraged us to engage in gentle exercise.

During our day lounge session, we had a blast with our immersive digital Omi sensory game. It offered a wide range of interactive activities, including captivating shadow picture reveals and exciting target games.

Our garden view lounges united to participate in “cooking club” on the first floor. Despite the chilly, rainy weather, we enthusiastically chopped and diced an array of vibrant vegetables to craft a delicious and nourishing hearty soup.

Vegetable soup is known to ease digestion but also prevent gastric anomalies, strengthen bones, and promote heart functioning.

A Halloween spooktacular at Hill House was incredible! Residents from Hill Brow, family, and friends were welcomed to the party, making it a night to remember. The atmosphere was filled with witches, bats, pumpkins, and even a Frankenstein running around. Our residents were thrilled to see all the fabulous costumes, especially those of the children.

The party was a blast with great food, company, and a lot of dancing. We were entertained by the amazing Tony who performed for us, making the night even more special. It was a fantastic event that brought everyone together for a night of fun and laughter. We can’t wait for the next one!

The Halloween Party at Hill House on Monday night brought immense joy to all from Hill House and Hill Brow as they joined in the fun of Trick or Treating with the children. We had bowls brimming with sweets, ready to welcome the little ones with open arms.

We were in awe of the children’s incredible costumes and happily shared sweet treats with them. It was the perfect conclusion to a truly magical evening that left everyone with unforgettable memories.

On Tuesday morning, we indulged in some classical music while taking a trip down memory lane. We reminisced about our childhood days of making ‘penny for a guy’ and riding around the streets in a cart. Later, we decided to get creative and made a Hill House ‘Penny for a Guy’ in preparation for our upcoming bonfire night celebrations.

On Tuesday morning, our delightful autumn-themed sip and paint event unfolded, drawing friends together around a table adorned with creativity. As brushes danced across canvases, a symphony of vibrant hues infused the room with joy, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss. Amidst laughter and conversation, cherished bonds were strengthened, making it a truly memorable experience.

We had a blast spending our afternoon in the day lounge playing party games. Our focus was on Halloween target games, and we all tried to beat our highest scores. It was a fun-filled experience.

This week, the local Sainsbury’s store generously donated a beautiful assortment of flowers. We had a delightful time carefully selecting different blooms and arranging them into beautiful floral displays. Throughout the afternoon, we shared laughter and engaging conversations, creating a truly memorable experience.

We are constantly motivated to maintain our independence and take pride in keeping our home just the way we want it. Tidying up after our activities is an integral part of the overall experience, ensuring that our living space reflects our personal preferences and remains a comfortable haven.

Our dementia choir was a sight to behold on this Halloween day as our Boo-tiful residents gathered at Hill House for our fortnightly practice. Residents from all four homes came together to sing their favourite songs and hymns, creating a beautiful harmony that filled the air.

After the practice, everyone enjoyed a lovely cup of tea and caught up with each other. This week, we had a special surprise in store for them – a trick-or-treat bowl filled with delicious sweets that was passed around for everyone to enjoy. It was a heartwarming moment to see the smiles on their faces as they savoured the treats and shared stories.

Every Tuesday afternoon at 3pm, we gather for a dynamic group physio session. Throughout the session, we focus on enhancing strength and balance, all while ensuring a delightful and enjoyable experience.

These delightful ladies embarked on a pleasant morning adventure at the charming Chalk in the Park Cafe in Southwood. They indulged in the exquisite aroma of freshly brewed coffee and savoured every delicious bite of the mouthwatering lemon drizzle cake

On Wednesday morning, we challenged ourselves with the massive crossword puzzle, which is an excellent exercise for the brain.

On Wednesday, our garden view lounges were filled with exciting and enjoyable activities for everyone to participate in. We had a blast playing giant dominoes, creating sensory shape puzzles that helped improve our dexterity, and engaging in a thrilling game of pool.

With Bonfire Night approaching, we enjoyed a captivating Guy Fawkes themed interactive experience. We immersed ourselves in the gunpowder plot’s rich history, engaging in a unique quiz that left a lasting impression. Toasting marshmallows in the cozy lounge, the sweet aroma filled the air, creating pure bliss.
An incredible video showcasing fireworks creation mesmerized residents, while a discussion on eco-friendly drone light shows fascinated them.

The afternoon ended with hopes of witnessing more awe-inspiring spectacles in the future. Hill House residents had an unforgettable experience combining history, indulgence, and modern technology, eagerly anticipating their next adventure.

Music therapy remains a beloved activity at Hill House, eagerly anticipated each week. The captivating power of music transcends boundaries, captivating all who participate and leaving a lasting sense of joy even after the session concludes.

Every Thursday morning, we start our day with Louise, immersing ourselves in the world of flowers. Together, we craft stunning floral bouquets that bring an exquisite touch to any room they grace.

As the cheerful tunes of Christmas music filled the air, we eagerly rolled up our sleeves to create a delectable Christmas cake. The festive atmosphere and the joy of working together made the experience even more delightful.

There is something inherently sweet about baking that goes beyond the reward of a tasty treat. The sensation of flour in the hands and the uplifting smell of freshly baked cakes engages the senses in a way that can be particularly beneficial for those living with dementia.

As the bonfire night fireworks lit up the sky, we eagerly rolled up our sleeves and let our creativity soar. With paintbrushes in hand, we brought the night sky to life on the canvas, creating a mesmerizing display of colours. The paper became a canvas for our imagination, as we painted and drew our very own fireworks night sky, a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues that danced across the page.

Some individuals chose to spend their afternoon engaging in our double dice game, a thrilling combination of rapid calculations and strategic choices that could potentially result in a victory.

Friday morning was a blast as we gathered in our garden view lounges for an exciting game of bonfire night Bingo. Our resident Norman took charge as the host and bingo caller, adding his own unique touch to the game.

He delighted us by giving clever clues to describe each image before revealing them to the eager players. It was a fantastic morning filled with laughter and enjoyment, thanks to Norman’s involvement.

Our afternoon on garden view was filled with word games and music, as we joyfully danced to our favourite songs and shared memories of our visits to the music halls of London.

The atmosphere at Hill House and Hillbrow was electric as the annual fireworks display began. The anticipation had been building all week, and finally, the night had arrived. Residents, families, and friends gathered together to celebrate and create lasting memories.

As the sun set, excitement and laughter filled the air. Delicious food enticed everyone to indulge in scrumptious hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and cream, hotdogs were served by our hot dog, ketchup and bonfire girls adding a touch of humour.

The event was meticulously planned by a dedicated team, ensuring every detail was perfect. The fireworks burst into the sky. The vibrant colours painted the night canvas, leaving everyone spellbound.

Children and residents’ faces lit up with joy as they watched the dazzling display. Children and grandparents stood side by side, creating cherished memories. The sense of community and togetherness was palpable as neighbours and friends mingled, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

The night sky was ablaze with cascading sparkles and shimmering showers of light. The fireworks danced and twirled, creating intricate patterns. Each explosion was met with applause and cheers.

As the grand finale approached, the sky transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours.

On Saturday, we had a fantastic time in our day lounge, indulging in a variety of board games, ranging from the classic snakes and ladders to the calming activity of therapeutic colouring.

In our garden view lounges, we had an exciting Sunday exploring sensory trays. With a burst of vibrant colours and a variety of unique textures, we let our creativity run wild and crafted breathtaking scenes inspired by fireworks.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, we decided to unleash our brain power by engaging in a thrilling themed word game on the massive white board.