We had an amazing week filled with festive cheer as we celebrated Christmas with our grand Christmas Lunch. In addition to that, we organized a range of themed activities from different countries, such as creating beautiful Filipino crafts and building traditional German gingerbread houses. It was a truly global celebration of the holiday season!

On Monday, we embarked on a delightful journey into the enchanting realm of Christmas in Germany. Our day began with a baking session in the lounge, where we eagerly prepared to create our very own lebkuchen houses. With utmost care, we blended the finest ingredients, skilfully rolling out the sturdy dough to shape the walls of our creations.

The German practice of making lebkuchen houses (gingerbread houses) has caught on worldwide and is a fun and festive tradition in numerous countries around the world. Nuremberg, Germany is considered to be the mecca of gingerbread. Each bakery keeps it’s recipe a secret.

While some individuals enjoyed their morning by engaging in Christmas pair games, these memory-enhancing activities prove to be particularly beneficial for us as we grow older.

In our garden view lounges, we spent a delightful afternoon engaging in a captivating picture quiz inspired by Germany. We collaborated as a team to decipher the answers by examining snippets of German Christmas traditions.

Every Monday afternoon, we delight in hosting our beloved weekly tea parties. Adorned with exquisite bone china cups and saucers, we come together with cherished friends to engage in delightful mini quizzes and relax in the enchanting melodies of the piano serenading us.

Before the grand Christmas feast, our morning was dedicated to creating a magnificent sleigh for Santa. Each gift was meticulously adorned by hand, and as we painted the vibrant red sleigh, we joyfully reminisced about past Christmases.

Tuesday was a day filled with diverse and captivating activities for many. Some chose to challenge themselves with jigsaw puzzles, while others took the opportunity to stay informed by catching up on the latest news.

On a delightful Tuesday afternoon, our dementia choir gathered at Farnham Mill to immerse themselves in the joyous atmosphere of carolling. We embraced the festive spirit wholeheartedly, cherishing every moment of this musical experience.

Back in 1880, the Christmas carol service was said to have originated in Truro, thanks to the creative mind of Edward White Benson, who would later become the Archbishop of Canterbury. Today, we still enjoy the timeless charm of 19th-century carols, filled with enchanting melodies, harmonies that resonate deeply, and an abundance of Christmassy sounds. And so, we joyfully exclaimed, “Hark!”

What an absolutely amazing Christmas feast the residents and staff at Hill House had on Wednesday! The entire home was transformed into a breathtaking winter wonderland, and the festivities kicked off with a delightful glass of champagne and canapes

The main course featured mouthwatering roast turkey or gammon, complete with all the delicious trimmings. To top it all off, we served a choice of refreshing lemon syllabub or traditional Christmas cake with brandy cream, providing the perfect ending to an extraordinary Christmas lunch.

The excitement of the afternoon continued even after our amazing Christmas lunch. The party was just getting started as we danced and celebrated in style to the fantastic live music.

Time and again, dance has proven to be one of the best ways to maintain and improve muscle strength as we age, combatting the typical muscle loss that comes with age.

As the Christmas festivities carried on into Wednesday afternoon, we eagerly greeted the cheerful Santa Claus and his mischievous little elf who joined our party. They had thoughtfully brought along an assortment of presents and goodies for all to enjoy.

According to History.com, the monk who over time would evolve into Santa Claus was born in what is now modern-day Turkey in 280 A.D., making him a whopping 1,741 years old!

The flower arranging club met on a beautiful Thursday morning to craft exquisite floral bouquets that would grace every corner of the home. As we age, the art of arranging flowers brings us numerous advantages and delights.

The enchanting afternoon unfolded as we opened our doors to the St Nicholas School Orchestra, inviting them to grace our home with their mesmerizing performance. Our hearts were captivated as the children played, creating a truly magical experience for us and our friends at Hill House.

Our Friday morning was brimming with engaging activities tailored to our individual interests and passions. We immersed ourselves in the world of art, painting and drawing to express our creativity. We also took a trip down memory lane, flipping through cherished family photos, and enjoying the satisfaction of completing our personalized fidget boards.

We embarked on a creative journey to craft our very own Philippine Christmas Parol’s. Inspired by the traditional materials of bamboo sticks and Japanese rice paper, we added our own twist by using tissue paper and card. This heartfelt tribute to the cherished Christmas tradition brought joy to the staff at our home.

For Filipinos, making parols and hanging them outside their windows symbolise the victory of light over darkness as well as their shared expression of faith, hope, and goodwill during the Christmas season.

In our weekly Friday cooking club, we gathered in the afternoon to craft marvellous Christmas yule logs. As we worked, we shared stories and discussed the delightful Christmas bakes and traditions that fill our holiday season.

Fridays are all about group physio, where we unite as a team to participate in an enjoyable session while simultaneously focusing on our personal objectives.

Our garden view lounge was filled with laughter as we engaged in an exciting game of scrabble. Afterwards, we carefully placed our artwork into beautiful photo frames, ready to showcase our creative talents.

This week, we gathered in our garden view lounge for our dementia-friendly church service on a beautiful Sunday morning. It’s always a delight to come together, sing hymns, and reflect on our faith.

As a team, we embarked on a mind-boggling challenge of a word game on a whiteboard. Together, we strived to uncover an abundance of distinct words.