The past two weeks have seen Hill House fully embrace the festive spirit of Christmas. Our residents have been treated to many exciting activities and special events, ensuring that the holiday season is truly memorable for all. The pleasure of your company and the countless memories created during these events have brought us immense happiness, and we are honoured to have had the opportunity to host you in our home.

To begin the main festive week on a high note, we were treated to a delightful performance by the Crondall Church Choir. Their enchanting voices filled the air as they sang Christmas carols, creating a magical atmosphere around the dazzling Christmas Tree.

The Christmas Grinch Tea Party was a delightful affair, featuring charming decorations and delicious mince pies that were simply too tempting to pass up. The presence of the Grinch himself was the ultimate highlight for most of us. With his mischievous behaviour and playful attitude, he brought infectious laughter to our themed tea party, making it an absolute blast.

We’ve had a blast this week, indulging in a range of board games with friends. Not only are they a source of immense enjoyment, but they also offer incredible advantages. Research suggests that playing games regularly can enhance critical thinking abilities and reduce the risk of cognitive decline compared to those who don’t engage in gaming activities.

Bingo continues to be a highlight in our scheduled activities, bringing people together for a delightful time. We adore the exciting themes and how it fosters a sense of togetherness. During our Christmas bingo sessions, the icons on the cards often spark memories of joyful holiday songs and carols, turning the game into a musical celebration.

We had an amazing time at the ‘Tap About Town’ event, which offered an afternoon filled with interactive fun. The tap show was incredibly engaging and enjoyable, and we had a great time sitting with our loved ones and immersing ourselves in the show.

What a marvellous afternoon it was at Hill House’s annual Christmas fair! All four of our homes gathered for a delightful time of amusement and entertainment. The participants engaged in various cheerful activities such as Christmas tombola, snowman toss, cracker pull, and Santa hat hoopla.

As they sat with their dear friends, relishing a delightful glass of mulled wine, and savouring a scrumptious mince pie, the ambiance became the epitome of a perfect Christmas-themed afternoon.

The atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement as we gathered with our local Bell ringers for a festive afternoon. With a jingle of bells, the Bell ringers began to play a familiar tune, and we all joined in, singing our hearts out to classic Christmas carols. The harmonious blend of voices and the melodic chimes of the bells created a magical symphony that echoed through the home.

But the highlight of the afternoon was undoubtedly when we were given the opportunity to try bell ringing ourselves. With a mixture of excitement and nervousness, we each took turns grasping the handles of the bells, ready to make our own music.

The return of the ‘Little Farnham Ballet’ School for our end-of-term intergenerational ballet class filled us with excitement. The children, donning charming fairy and elf tutus, created a joyful ambiance as we enthusiastically clapped and participated in the music.

In the cooking club, we had a blast creating gingerbread houses from scratch. We got creative, piping unique designs on each side and the roof, giving them a traditional gingerbread house look. Once we finished decorating, we built and assembled the houses, making sure they stayed together perfectly.

During the Christmas weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting numerous guests in our home. Our activities team went above and beyond to create a delightful spread of hospitality for our families to enjoy. This added touch made our time together even more memorable and enjoyable.

Christmas day was truly enchanting for all as Santa Claus had left presents under the beautifully decorated tree. The joyous occasion brought everyone together as they unwrapped their gifts and cherished precious moments with their loved ones. The highlight of the day was the splendid three-course meal, accompanied by the delightful tradition of pulling crackers, donning paper hats, and sharing jokes around the dining tables. Following our customary rituals, we gathered in the afternoon to watch the king’s speech and indulged in a merry carol singalong, accompanied by a sip of our favourite drink and delectable mince pies.

We had a blast on Boxing Day, spending the entire day engrossed in various board games like scrabble and Jenga. The Jenga game, in particular, brought about endless laughter throughout the lounge. It’s quite a challenge to play when you can’t stop giggling!

While some chose to unwind and join a watercolour painting session, we came together to capture the beauty of a breathtaking floral arrangement. Our talented activities coordinator, Bryony, introduced us to some exciting new techniques that brought our paintings to life.

Floor bowls, in particular, offer a multitude of fitness benefits that will make our celebration even more enjoyable.

We’ve decided to switch things up for the new year and have created a beautiful array of vibrant bunting to celebrate in style.

Baking offers numerous advantages for the elderly, including the opportunity to engage in a cooking club during the festive season. We had a delightful time preparing light and fluffy cheesecakes for our upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration.

The New Year’s Eve celebration was amazing! As we welcomed the upcoming year, we joyfully raised our glasses to express gratitude for all the blessings we received in 2023. Additionally, we eagerly discussed our hopes and aspirations for the promising year of 2024.