Residents of Hill House had an exhilarating week as they delved into the enchanting world of the 1950’s. From iconic music to the delightful American diner table service, they experienced the essence of that era in full swing.

On Monday morning, we joined forces as a team and dedicated our New Year’s Day to dismantling the Christmas decorations. These tasks have become a tradition for us, contributing significantly to our daily lives, fostering independence, and instilling a sense of pride and ownership in our beloved home.

On Monday morning, we joined forces as a team and dedicated our New Year’s Day to dismantling the Christmas decorations. These tasks have become a tradition for us, contributing significantly to our daily lives, fostering independence, and instilling a sense of pride and ownership in our beloved home.

We kicked off our Tuesday morning with a delightful session of skittles, drawing inspiration from the iconic 1950’s bowling alleys. It was a perfect blend of fun and fitness, as skittles not only brought us joy but also provided a low impact exercise opportunity.

A thrilling adventure with Balloon Bounce! This exciting game not only brings joy but also encourages movement. As we grow older, our joints tend to become less flexible. However, by engaging in regular games and exercises like Balloon Bounce, we can keep our joints supple and agile.

Immersing ourselves in the vibrant world of Andy Warhol’s pop art prints, which have become true icons of their era. On a delightful Tuesday afternoon, we delved into the fascinating world of this artist, discovering intriguing facts about his life and work. Inspired by his unique style, we then embarked on our creative journey, recreating our interpretation of his artistry.

Our day lounge was filled with tranquillity as a leisurely game of dominoes unfolded. The serene atmosphere added to the charm of this classic game, which never fails to captivate and entertain.

Our garden view lounge became the backdrop for our second game of ten-pin bowling. Laughter echoed through the air as we spent the afternoon knocking down pins, creating unforgettable memories.

Simon, the amazing dance instructor, returned to our monthly Ballroom Dance class Wednesday morning, spreading joy and laughter among all the participants. His lively and interactive teaching style never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face. To add to the excitement, the music selection for this week’s class perfectly complemented our 1950’s theme, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

The gentlemen in our garden view lounge joined forces this week to create a captivating display with the stunning flower donations we were fortunate to receive.

This week’s Andy Warhol pop art paint and sip class was absolutely fantastic! We had a delightful time sipping on a steaming cup of tea while unleashing our creativity and crafting breathtaking artworks.

Every week in our garden view lounge, we get together for an enchanting afternoon of sensory music and the power of music therapy. These sessions are designed to bring us closer together and create a harmonious experience that engages all our senses.

Our Thursday morning took a delightful turn when we decided to participate in an interactive cooking club dedicated to making American Pancakes. With the guidance of Chef Bryony, we effortlessly created a pancake batter that was both light and fluffy. As the live demonstration began, the lounges were filled with the irresistible scent of pancakes, enticing everyone to indulge in this delectable American treat.

Join Louise every Thursday for a delightful flower-arranging session that brings us together to create breathtaking floral arrangements for our homes. It’s a cherished activity that many of us adore.

On Thursday afternoons, we love to unwind and enjoy live entertainment. This week, we had a blast dancing and singing along to a fantastic mix of our all-time favourite songs.

To begin our afternoon, we delved into a diverse array of individual-led activities, relishing in the opportunity for personal engagement.

We had a fantastic afternoon engaging in a lively game of quoits, a thrilling test of accuracy and precision. It was an absolute blast!

After a tiring match of Quoits, it was finally time for a much-needed tea break. These amazing ladies graciously took charge, preparing and serving the drinks to their friends, ensuring that everyone had a delightful warm beverage and a slice of cake to savour.

Our Friday morning kicked off with a blast as we indulged in the delightful and entertaining game of 1950’s Rock n Roll bingo. It was an absolute joy and a fantastic way to start the day!

The act of playing American Diner picture pairs serves as a catalyst for activating the brain cells responsible for problem-solving, providing an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

A captivating Elvis Presley themed quiz brought back a flood of memories for those involved, as they shared stories of meeting the legendary artist and the excitement of catching glimpses of him on the television screen.

We spent the afternoon engaged in an exhilarating round of Scrabble, followed by indulging in relaxing hand massages and manicures, creating a tranquil and sensory experience.

Friday afternoons were always a blast with Carolyn’s cooking sessions. We came together to mix the batter for delicious homemade donuts, and as a team, we created these irresistible treats using a donut machine right before our eyes. It was a mouth-watering experience!

Surrounded by his nearest and dearest, this lovely man marked his birthday in a truly fashionable way.

Our Saturday mornings always begin with an exciting array of word games that are designed to stimulate our brains and get us ready for the day ahead.

We had an exciting morning at our garden view rummage dressers, thanks to a generous donation of new scarves. We immersed ourselves in the sensory experience of sorting and selecting their favourite pieces, making it a truly stimulating laundry session.

Engagement in purposeful activities has many benefits. It encourages us to feel good about ourselves, brings meaning to our lives, helps us to feel a sense of belonging, provides opportunities for using our skills and generally supports our well-being.

Our day lounge hosted an amazing pamper morning where we indulged in relaxation while enjoying the iconic rock n roll tunes from the 1950’s. The highlight was the delightful sensory hand massages and manicures that we were treated to.

In the afternoon, the atmosphere in the house was filled with excitement as our vintage milkshake cart from the 1950’s went around. Elvis and a Pink Lady were on board, offering a delightful selection of milkshakes to everyone.

The nostalgic melodies of that era filled the air, and they all danced and sang along, spreading joy throughout the house.

We started the morning with an abundance of Scrabble games, playing in small groups all around the house. Scrabble is an amazing game because it offers endless fun and challenges for everyone involved.

Our Sunday morning church service is especially designed for individuals with dementia, providing a comforting environment for reflection and song. Led by our volunteer Caroline, we joyfully sing nostalgic hymns and songs that hold a special place in our hearts. We eagerly await the arrival of family members, as their presence adds to the warmth of our service.

We were treated to a double dose of nostalgia as not one, but two 1950’s American Diners magically appeared that afternoon

The roller girls, with their infectious energy, served up a delectable menu straight from the decade, featuring mouthwatering waffles with all the fixings, refreshing Coke floats, and irresistible milkshakes. The home was alive with the sound of 50’s music, while the tantalizing aroma of freshly made waffles wafted through the air, creating an unforgettable experience for all.