Hill House’s Australian week provided an incredible chance to delve into the lifestyle and culture of our friends from down under. Throughout the week, we engaged in a variety of Australian-themed activities, ranging from lively rounds of Aussie bingo to enjoying an indoor BBQ.

Monday morning our garden view lounges echoed with laughter as we enjoyed a fun-filled game of Aussie bingo, with the familiar symbols of Australian life evoking memories of our dear friends and family who had made the move down under.

We spent the afternoon making a nourishing winter vegetable soup, meticulously chopping and preparing all the vegetables before letting it simmer. The delightful scent of the soup wafted through the entire house, creating a comforting winter ambiance.

Engaging in a series of exciting games, our garden view lounges on Tuesday had a blast while challenging their mental and physical strengths. Balloon tennis remained a beloved activity, and we also had a great time exploring the Australian animal picture quiz.

Our day lounge was filled with laughter and excitement as we indulged in the joy of Aussie bingo. Surrounded by our loved ones, we revelled in the thrill of this fabulous game.

We had an exhilarating lunch as we organized our Aussie BBQ, even though we couldn’t enjoy it outdoors because it’s winter. However, our spirits remained high as we embraced the Australian BBQ culture and relished delicious lamb kababs, Snaggs, and an array of mouthwatering dishes indoors. The dining area was adorned with flags and each table had menus showcasing the diverse selection of BBQ meats available. We thoroughly enjoyed sampling a little bit of everything, making it a true feast.

Our crafting club came together to explore the fascinating world of Aboriginal art through the unique technique of pedal painting. This art form draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous people, who believe that the Dreamtime, a sacred period of creation, holds the key to understanding the origins of our world. By delving into these ancient stories and symbols, we embarked on a creative journey that celebrated the beauty and significance of Aboriginal culture.

Wednesday What an amazing outing we had at Chalk in the Park Cafe with our lovely residents. We had a fantastic time, engaging in delightful conversations and discussing various topics to make the world a better place.

We had an incredible afternoon engaging in a lively game of floor trivia pursuit in the day lounge. This unique game not only challenged our physical strength but also gave our brains a good workout. The perfect blend of physical activity and mental stimulation sparked fascinating and thought-provoking conversations among us.

Unlocking a world of creativity and sensory delight, music therapy serves as a powerful tool for self-expression and sensory exploration, providing individuals with a unique outlet to connect with their emotions and experiences.

Our flower arranging club is thriving with each passing week, attracting more and more members. The vibrant and lively ambiance is something we all cherish, and our dedicated volunteer, Louise, never fails to amaze us with her talent in creating breathtaking floral arrangements for our home.

We had a blast with our animal picture quiz, where we challenged ourselves to identify as many Australian animals as possible. Alongside that, we also engaged in brain training activities, including themed word searches, to keep our minds sharp and entertained.

We were overjoyed to have Beccy join us in our home that afternoon for a delightful session of Musical Theatre singing. Her extraordinary voice filled the air, immersing us all in the spirit of the music, and we couldn’t help but dance and sing along with her.

We had the pleasure of hosting a delightful afternoon tea for these lovely ladies this afternoon. Personally invited by Alison, they were treated to a delectable assortment of finger sandwiches and cakes, accompanied by the finest selection of teas. The ambiance was set perfectly for engaging conversations with our director, creating a memorable experience for all.

As part of her commitment to building strong connections with residents, Alison hosts these special afternoon teas to personally connect with everyone across our 4 homes. It is through these intimate gatherings that she gets to know the residents on a deeper level, fostering a sense of community and ensuring that their needs and preferences are understood and catered to. The combination of delicious treats and warm conversations makes these afternoon teas with Alison a cherished tradition at Hill House.

Our garden view lounge was abuzz with activity Friday morning, offering a perfect blend of busyness and relaxation for all. We engaged in a diverse range of well-being activities, from Aboriginal dot painting to reminiscing about holidays and travel using our fabulous picture packs. Additionally, we enjoyed solving jigsaw puzzles and exploring sensory mazes, creating a truly enriching experience for everyone.

Celebrating national Scrabble Day on a chilly winter Friday, enthusiasts gathered in small groups to engage in the ultimate battle of words. With excitement in the air, they competed fiercely to claim the coveted title of “Scrabble Champions”.

This week’s cooking adventure with Carolyn was a blast! We had so much fun whipping up a batch of delectable Anzac biscuits, a delightful Australian treat that features the perfect blend of oats and coconut. It was absolutely delicious!

Saturday, we had been diligently preparing for Valentine’s Day by creating beautiful invitations. Engaging in crafting activities not only brings joy but also offers numerous benefits for our well-being.