Hill House experienced an action-packed military week, brimming with an array of thrilling activities. From a game of military bingo to an enlightening visit to the nearby military museum, there was never a dull moment. Participants were captivated by the historical artifacts and stories that unfolded during their museum tour, gaining a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices made by our brave servicemen and women. The atmosphere was electric as everyone eagerly engaged in the festivities, creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of camaraderie among the attendees.

Our Military themed week began with a bang on Monday morning, as we dove into a wide range of mind-boggling activities, including word games and themed bingo. It was an exhilarating start to an action-packed week ahead!

Drawing inspiration from the legendary ‘Army vs Navy’ rugby event, we decided to create our own unique version of this iconic military sports competition. Divided into two teams, we fiercely battled it out in the lounge, each vying for the ultimate title of champions.

An afternoon of military nostalgia, we recounted our unique memories from our time in the armed forces and living in military areas of the country.

Tinkerbell, our cherished ‘Pets as Therapy’ dog, graced us with her presence in the afternoon. Her soothing presence gives a comforting aura, filling our home with boundless joy.

Our beautiful ladies came together on Tuesday for a delightful morning filled with enchanting melodies and the art of floral arrangement. They skilfully crafted beautiful displays, incorporating an array of vibrant and joyful flowers.

The morning of Wednesday kicked off with an exciting round of floor trivia pursuits, a unique creation by our activities team that blends physical exercise with brain-teasing trivia.

We thoroughly enjoyed participating in teams, uniting our strengths to conquer the trivia wheel, just like in the classic board game. Whether we excel at throwing or possess exceptional trivia knowledge, the team spirit fosters inclusivity for everyone involved.

The joy we experience during our weekly music therapy sessions is unparalleled! The interactive engagement and the emotional advantages we gain from them are truly remarkable.

Remembering the Dig for Britain campaign launched in 1939 encouraging people to grow vegetables during the wartime rationing. We rolled up our sleeves and planted a selection of vegetable seeds. Filling pots planting seeds and gently watering before putting them on the windowsill to germinate in the sunshine.

Louise and our keen florists gathered on a sunny Thursday morning for our flower arranging club. Together, we skillfully arranged a vibrant assortment of flowers, filling the room with their delightful fragrance. As we carefully placed them into vases, the air was filled with the joyful chatter of springtime conversations.

Residents from Farnham Mill and Hill House had a wonderful afternoon at Aldershot Military Museum. Lots of reminiscing and stories of our own experiences of military life. It wasn’t the officer’s mess but we did have tea and biscuits in the café.

On Thursday afternoon, we eagerly greeted Natasha as she took the stage for a captivating live concert. Dressed in a striking military uniform, she mesmerized us with a sensational music set, brimming with songs that paid tribute to the armed forces. The atmosphere in the lounge was electric as we joyfully sang and danced in unison, completely enthralled by her performance.

Our Friday morning began with an intriguing discussion about the evolution of military aircraft throughout the years. Delving into the fascinating transformations they have undergone; we were captivated by the subject. However, we didn’t stop there.

Drawing inspiration from our morning musings, we embarked on an exciting adventure of creating paper airplanes in our very own flying school. It was a delightful way to reminisce and let our imaginations soar.

Rum has always been associated with the seas from pirates to the navy. Cooking club this week we spent  the afternoon making a rum fruit cake with lamb navy rum.

The garden view lounge was transformed into a hub of excitement during the afternoon exercises, where we delighted in playing a diverse selection of entertaining catching and target games, creating unforgettable moments of joy and laughter.

Our Saturday morning was dedicated to conquering the colossal crossword puzzle that we tackle every week. Engaging in crosswords is an excellent way to give our minds a workout, as they provide a stimulating mental exercise.