It has been an amazing week here at Hill House as we’ve been commemorating St Patrick’s Day and embracing all things Irish. We’ve had a captivating armchair travel experience, mind-boggling Irish quizzes, and even a hilarious Leprechaun pig race. Alongside our regular stimulating activities, there has been an abundance of excitement and fun happening throughout Hill House this week.

We began Monday morning with an exciting challenge, testing our mental agility by trying to come up with as many words as we could using the letters from ‘Saint Patrick’s Day’.

Some individuals dedicated time to replicating shapes and designs during our sensory brain exercises.

With the Irish luck on our side, we decided to try our hand at a playful target practice game during our daily exercise routine. We make sure that our workouts are enjoyable, often forgetting that we are actually exercising because it’s always so entertaining and engaging.

Our Tuesday morning kicked off with an exciting St Patricks-themed whiteboard game, setting the tone for a day filled with person-centred activities tailored to our individual interests and preferences.

From unleashing our creativity through painting to challenging our minds with puzzles, we had a fantastic time engaging in activities that we truly enjoy.

This lovely lady and her daughter celebrated her birthday together.

Every Tuesday afternoon, the garden view lounges host our beloved flower arranging club. This delightful activity not only stimulates our senses but also allows us to indulge in our favourite hobbies and interests. As we carefully trim the stems and artfully arrange them in vases, a profound sense of achievement fills our hearts.

Isla brought a burst of energy to our physiotherapy session on Tuesday afternoon, making it a fun experience for everyone involved.

Every Wednesday, our Catholic Volunteer Christine joins us for morning mass in our home, where she graciously offers communion to all.

It was truly amazing as we ventured into the community, bringing our residents from Hill House to a nearby pub to kick off the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations early. Surrounded by our friends from Hillbrow, we all enjoyed a refreshing pint or a cozy hot drink together.

Dive into the enchanting world of music therapy, we are captivated by the mesmerizing melodies every week. Experience the transformative power of music as it surrounds and embraces you during each session.

Pulling out all the stops to create an extraordinary birthday celebration for this wonderful gentleman.

In the afternoon, we embarked on a journey to Ireland with the luxurious Hill House armchair airways. As we settled in the lounge, we eagerly delved into discovering fascinating insights about St Patrick, the local customs, and the vibrant holiday celebrations.

On Thursday, Tinkerbell, our beloved PAT dog, made herself at home. She roamed around, bringing joy and excitement to everyone she encountered. With her warm presence, she found her way onto many laps, offering comfort and affection for extended periods of time.

Known for their impeccable taste, we gathered this week to arrange flowers. With skill and creativity, the group selected blooms from the delivery as well as cuttings from our garden and placed them in elegant vases, creating stunning arrangements that brought nature’s beauty into their luxurious surroundings. Laughter and conversation filled the room, reflecting the close-knit community at Hill House.

Each of our unique styles shone through in the arrangements, showcasing our personalities and talents. It was a delightful afternoon of creativity, camaraderie, and beauty, leaving everyone feeling inspired and uplifted.

We were thrilled to receive an invitation to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration that afternoon, where we had the pleasure of attending a party hosted by the talented singer Tony. His electrifying performance left us in awe and filled the atmosphere with energy.

On Friday morning, we came together for an exciting cooking club session in our garden view lounge, collaborating to make delicious fruit smoothies following a recipe. This fun activity was influenced by Nutrition and Hydration Week.

Friday was made even more delightful when our beloved pet Tinkerbell visited us, filling our hearts with boundless joy.

The afternoon was filled with the delightful activity of making smoothies, with an increasing number of residents joining in. They enthusiastically chopped up fresh fruit, followed recipes, and savoured the variety of smoothies, each finding their own favourite blend.

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub game called Shove a Penny. This traditional game is cherished by locals and visitors alike, as we eagerly engage in friendly competition, striving to outdo each other’s scores. Join in the fun and experience the thrill of this beloved pastime that brings people together across the country.

Saturday morning, we were delighted by a thrilling pig racing event organized by our leprechauns. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as residents placed their bets on the pigs, creating a lively and cheerful ambiance.

Each pig was given an Irish name, adding to the fun and joy of the event as residents cheered on their favourites like Guiness, Lucky, and Clover in hopes of victory.

We had a delightful surprise when a lively leprechaun arrived with an enchanting Irish coffee cart. Accompanied by lively Irish folk music, they entertained us all with this classic beverage, spreading laughter and joy wherever they went.

It was an unforgettable experience, with everyone joining in the merriment, singing, and dancing. Our interactive carts truly make for an incredibly fun time for all.

Every Sunday morning we hold our dementia church service in the serene setting of our garden view lounge. With Caroline leading the way, it’s a wonderful chance for us to come together, sing hymns, and enjoy the uplifting melodies that bring back cherished memories.