The mature and established gardens have been specially designed and landscaped for the elderly. Our gardens are designed so they are accessible to all, rather than something to just look at. We have flat, wide, non-slip paths with handrails that are suitable for residents in wheel chairs or with walking aids. The pathways have been designed to be wide enough to take beds so that no matter how restricted a resident’s movement is, they can be taken outside on their bed to enjoy the garden and the fresh air.

There are quiet corners to sit peacefully and either read, paint or just enjoy the day outside. Where residents are interested they can help plant during the spring and summer. We also have an indoor gardening club so residents can still be involved with the garden in the winter. Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are always a popular choice for planting, as they can be enjoyed at meal times.

Around the home there are different court yards, patios and a pond for the residents to enjoy. Bird baths, bird tables, and bird feeders are dotted around the homes so the residents can enjoy the bird life in the garden. We also have a bird box connected to a television camera which transmits live pictures during the breeding season. Our very own ‘bird watch’ delights the residents as they watch the birds build their nest through to the eggs hatching. We have planted a herb garden for residents to enjoy and to stimulate their senses to different tastes and smells.

  • A typical bedroom

  • Josie and a resident

  • Nicky serving lunch

  • Residents enjoying the garden

  • Julia and a resident

  • Hill House grounds

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Enjoy a roast at Hill House