Specialist Equipment

At Hill House we believe in investing and offering the best specialised equipment for residents and staff.

The beds provided in every room are Wissner-Bosserhoff, specialist profiling nursing beds. After extensive research we found they give the best comfort and care for the residents.

Every communal bathroom and toilet has Guldmann ceiling hoists. These provide a greater feeling of security and are easier to use for residents than normal mobile hoists. The high dependency nursing suites also have Guldmann ceiling hoists.

Care bathrooms have special hydro baths, which are especially deep and help relax muscles. The seats offer a semi reclining position once the resident is in the bath and the bath can be raised up to the carer’s heigh to relieve any physical stress.

All rooms have underfloor heating and non slip floors, to minimise the risk of injuries from falls.

A purpose designed hair salon has been designed for the residents. The hairdesser comes twice a week and appointments can be made.

There are 8 different lounges and 4 different dining areas so residents can choose an area which feels comfortable. There is also a library for the residents to use.

All doors are wide, most with double doors making it easy for residents to move around the home. Corridors are especially wide with hand rails.

The gardens have been designed for the residents, with wide flat levels, non – slip paths and handrails. There are many different patios and courtyards to enjoy, with benches placed around the garden in quiet spots.

There are 3 lifts including a purpose designed bed lift to make it easy for residents and their visitors to move around the home.

Over 400 different stimulating pieces of art have been chosen for the home not just as decoration but to act as memory triggers as well.

For dementia residents we have colour co-ordinated dementia care equipment and furniture.

  • A typical bedroom

  • Josie and a resident

  • Nicky serving lunch

  • Residents enjoying the garden

  • Julia and a resident

  • Hill House grounds

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Enjoy a roast at Hill House