A star-studded week as residents take on Hollywood themed quizzes, games as well as a stunning Tea Party. This week we also celebrated twos-day across the home with special themed games and our interactive trolley rolled through the home marking this unique occasion.

Monday morning, we engaged in a variety of puzzles and games. It was a great way to start our week, with fun brain training activities, that got us fired up for the week ahead.

An excellent energetic chair-based exercise class with fun ball games was held in our garden view lounge. Regular activity can positively impact our physical health as well as our mental and emotional wellbeing. It can help give us more energy and greater self-confidence, enabling us to embrace our later years with gusto.

That afternoon we got together for an afternoon of jigsaw puzzles, daily newspapers and social chats.

Our fabulous Hollywood Tea Party was a great we spent the afternoon listening to music from movies and sipped on tea and coffee and indulged in cakes and sweet treats.

Tuesday 22 February 2022 is being called an ‘unprecedented milestone’. The date is noted for its palindromic pattern as it reads the same forwards and backwards. Specially to 22.2.22 can also be read upside down. Our incredibly imaginative activities team made sure we marked this day with special events and games all day long and called it Twos-day!!

Twos-day started with a digital quiz we gathered around and answered a quiz of things that go together: – “Pen & Paper or Horse & Carriage”. We love the fact that we added additional pairings together. This was followed by a famous pairs quiz while we enjoyed Tea and Coffee or cookies and Milk.

In our garden view lounge, we took on a twos-day scavenger hunt. Collecting items in the lounge area that were a matching pair or went together. We were delighted to find two wooden ducks, a pair of cats as well as a salt & pepper shaker. Collecting them all together before coming up with a list of other pairs and objects that we might find around the home or garden.

Our twos-day interactive music cart visited everyone across the home pouring the perfect pairing of ‘bucks’ fizz’ as well as a ‘lucky pairs’ game offering us a chance to win yummy prizes of Twix’s or KitKat!

Our amazing twos-day team dressed up in personalised T-shirts to spread cheer and fun across the home. I think you will agree they look great!

Everyone played along including staff as they tried their luck by picking out two sticks if there was a matching colour at the end they won a prize.

Between all this fun there was a ‘double or nothing game’ held in the lounge, we had to choose whether to stick with our prize total or gamble and try to double our prize funds. This game brought lots of laughter and we cheered each other on to try their luck.

Wednesday morning, we returned to our Hollywood themed activities with a star studied game of Hollywood bingo.

Our Sensory stimulation therapy group explored our party themed rummage box that was bursting with musical instruments, party pompoms etc as we listened to celebrational themed songs and had party lights reflecting on the table. We aimed to trigger one or more of the senses; sight, sound or touch in this session.

In our garden view lounge, we enjoyed a morning of pampering and relaxation, with manicures and skype calls with loved ones.

Wednesday afternoon there were an assortment of activities on offer across the home, which allowed us plenty of choice. Some of us spent time relaxed with therapeutic colouring. Like meditation, colouring which lets you switch off your brain from other thoughts. For someone with dementia this can be very satisfying and a chance to focus on the moment. What’s more, it seems colouring is just a great de-stressing tool.

A game of Hollywood bingo played in our garden view lounge we raced to be the first to get a line and full house to win movie themed sweet prizes. This was followed by a Hollywood themed quiz.

We played dominoes and Uno card game in another part of the home as a group. As well as our magic Omi table painting sensory activities.

Thursday morning, our crafters gathered in the lounge and made a selection of stunning handcrafted cards. Engaging in hands-on creative activities positively impacts motor, social and cognitive skills for all ages.

We took long walks in the garden and spent time watering and maintaining the winter planters in our court yard garden, off of the garden view lounges. Others took part in meaningful activities of daily living by helping make tea and coffee for the others.

A group of gentlemen spent their morning with our DIY rummage box and building activities, making towers and restoring tools and boards. Others read the morning paper and watched on while engaging in the group conversations.

That afternoon our floristry club congregated in the lounge and arranged this week’s stunning flower delivery.

The conversation was flowing and we spent over an hour chatting to one another about our gardens, our preferred flowers and jobs in the past. It was a wonderful afternoon together.

Our garden view lounge spent the afternoon arranging and adding photos into their scrapbooks.

Friday morning manicures for some R&R followed by exercises to famous film songs in the main lounge.

Elsewhere we played balloon bounce and took walks outside in the sunshine. We also challenged ourselves in a Movie star picture quiz.

We rearranged some of artificial floral arrangements in the lounge into a new vase and into a new colour scheme.

That afternoon we were invited to attend an Oscar Movie afternoon, with themed decorations and an interval treat cart with popcorn, crisps and Hollywood themed Cupcakes.

We had a wonderful afternoon watching a movie on the big projector screen eating tasty treats.

Saturday morning, we loved a game of skittles in a knock-out consent.

Others read their morning newspapers and walks in the garden.

We were delighted to spend the afternoon engaged in pet therapy with Tiny the dog, he visits us regularly and is great to have around the home for cuddles and he is a very good listener.

We love his kisses and his cuddles.

Sunday was filled with floor bowls and parachute games. For those of us who wanted to our special church services were streamed on the TVs across the homes.

Our garden view lounges completed brain training word searches and puzzles.