This week we welcomed the start of one of biggest British sporting events with the start of the Wimbledon tennis competition. Residents have loved keeping busy all week with all our fantastic activities from Balloon tennis to arts and craft. Our Wimbledon interactive cart rolled around the home serving Pimm’s and scones with Jam.

Monday started with morning brain training games and a group game of dominoes in the day lounge.

We also reminisced and tried out the keyboard in the lounge playing tunes we learnt as children or creating our own.

Our garden view lounges enjoyed morning newspapers, group socials and we painted and coloured tennis themed decorations for this weeks’ Wimbledon theme.

In the afternoon we gathered for an exciting game of eyes down Wimbledon Bingo in the day lounge.

 Bingo is easily adapted for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. It can help to improve cognition and can help stimulate memory and thought processes for patients in varying stages of memory loss.

Tuesday morning in cooking club we prepared and made a Wimbledon Strawberry and cream flavoured sponge.

Cracking eggs, beating butter and whisking up a smooth batter ready to be baked in the oven.

In another part of the home, we worked together completing braining training, word finders and maths puzzles or spent time looking through family photos and pointed out our loved ones. We also could hear the excitement from centre court around the home as many of us had tuned in to watch the tennis.

Later in the morning we enjoyed a game of dominoes with afternoon tea trolley.

The afternoon in the day lounge we enjoyed singalong using our favourite song sheets.

In our garden view lounge, we spent the afternoon playing memory board games. We know that Memory games for those with dementia have been shown to help seniors exercise their minds, which can boost brain health over time. Memory games can also provide a creative outlet for seniors, helping them strengthen social connections.

Our cooking club in our garden view lounge, whisked double cream and cut up strawberries, ready to decorate the sponge cake baked in the morning cooking club. We laughed a lot as we used hand whisks to beat the cream and enjoyed sampling the strawberries just to make sure they tasted just right.

Following on with an afternoon of balloon tennis inspired by Wimbledon we added it into our daily exercise work out. Tennis improves the player’s upper body strength and reduces the percentage of body fat. Low body fat can reduce your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attacks.

Wednesday morning, we welcomed Norma in to visit, her big ears and loving nature means she calmly sits with us as we tell her all our secrets.

Morning exercise in the day lounge with a fun game of balloon tennis. The balloon bounced around the room creating lots of smiles and giggles as we tried to take our turn. Our Omi games were also played in the day lounge on our magic sensory table.

We were delighted to welcome back our friends from Lord Wandsworth College The students joined for an afternoon of board games, interactive Omi games and exercises games like balloon tennis. The home was busting with fun and laughter and in a move to bridge generation gaps and create new friendships within our local community.

Thursday morning, we look forwards to our weekly flower arranging club and love seeing the freshly cut flowers that are delivered ready for us to arrange. We often spend time chatting about our garden and the plants we enjoy to grow and how we spent lots of time in the garden during our retirement.

That afternoon we were very excited to settle in for an afternoon watching the tennis with a drink in hand, Pimm’s, wine or a fruit punch cocktail.

We also spent our afternoon painting flowers for our art mural and playing dominoes.

Aside from boosting immune system dominoes also reduces stress and improves focus.

Friday morning, our Aqua paints gave a lovely balance of creative touch, a sense of achievement and pure joy As we simply brush the ‘white’ sheets of card with water and watch as the beautiful pictures magically appears.


A game of UNO this morning provided us hours of entertainment while also develops motor skills and facilitates bonding among them.

We also engaged in 1 to 1 activities, whether it was reading newspapers, brain training word searches

that afternoon we welcomed back Tony. He came to entertain us with his witty sense of humour, bringing us much laughter and we love to sign along with him. The afternoon flew by.

Singing provides many benefits for the elderly. Ongoing research has shown that regular singing can lift your spirits, increase your immunity and provide a workout for your brain and your lungs. These benefits are significant for those experiencing mild to moderate dementia.

Saturday morning,

The afternoon, we enjoyed time in our court yard garden, chatting with friends and playing fun garden inspired games.

Our interactive Wimbledon Cart rolled round the home for the afternoon on Saturday as we enjoyed a drink of Pimm’s and a fresh cream and jam scone while watching the action on centre court on TV.

Sunday, we loved spending time playing games on our magic Omi table. We also enjoyed cuddles with our Tinkerbell, Poppy and Wally who came to visit us for the day.